5th Year.


The more serious a relationship gets, the more casual it is.

–  Quote found on 8Crap‘s Instagram. –

Hmmm… I seriously don’t know how to start talk about our relationship but yea, you probably have already noticed I don’t talk much about personal stuff and my life, especially my relationship, same on my Instagram, I barely post photos of us, only photos of the food we were eating hahaha xD I can be one of those couples who always post photos of their lovey-dovey life if I want to, well I used to when the first 2 years but I starting not to, not because of privacy or what not, it’s like, hmm… I don’t know what it is, it’s like “meh”, hahaha xD


Our relationship is quite casual, hmm.. I guess not just “quite” but veeery casual, like we don’t constantly hold hand or hug in public, especially kissing, we mostly do it in private or secretly then act nothing happened but smiling like we just did something, that feeling is sweeter than do it in public while people can see xP; Speaking of not constantly hold hand, we always hold hand while driving or in his/my parents car’s back seat, for some people this might kinda “childish” or whatever but we didn’t do it in purpose, it’s just one day he start to hold mine, then we automatically do it every time;

We also does a lot of random stuff, like make random weird noise/joke; He always do stuff that he never do in front of anyone else like run/walk around weirdly or squirm in fast motion on my bed; Except winter season, most of the time walk around in the house pantlessly when only me and him at home; We don’t need to close/lock the door while using bathroom/toilet(except do No.2 ofcourse); He don’t care if I haven’t have shower for 2 days, he still give me the daily back massage routine.

We don’t always stick together, we talk in the phone not more than 3 minutes coz we prefer talk face to face; We talk about anything, from normal to random, from clean to dirty hehe xP ; Our hobby and things we interested are pretty much the same, online game, anime, music, automotive, food etc.


Playing online game.


Some random moment xP

We are not very romantic, we usually gets each other computer/technology stuff for any eventful day, included Valentine’s Day and anniversary. Instead of have our dinner date in a fancy restaurant(only when we have extra bucks or we got voucher hahahaha xD), we often have it at lower priced restaurant or I cook, plus, we don’t like the troublesome of get a table and have our dinner date in the crowd, we like just two of us, in our own space hehe xP


2013 X’mas.

WP_20141216_20_42_42_Pro (2)WP_20141216_19_17_03_Pro (2)

2014 X’mas.


2014 New Years Eve.


2015’s V’day.

Here’s how we celebrated our anniversaries from the 1st year x)


Made him that compilation of our photos, can hang it on when we got our first home in the future hehe xP



He took me to Jamie Oliver’s restaurant for our 3rd years xP



He got me that pink watch for V’day so I got him that Casio watch for 3rd anni, we are even. x)


So that is how we celebrated our 5th year, it’s very simple I know, but as I just mentioned, we are not a very romantic couple, but the happiness doing very simple things together is all that matter to us xP So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD


3 thoughts on “5th Year.

  1. Happy anniversary again! 🙂 You guys are made for each other! 🙂 Although you think you two are not romantic, I think you both are pretty sweet to each other. Those small stuff you two did for each other were indeed romantic and they are all that matter 😉

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