Nissan Zedders BBQ Cruise.


After an hour of hang out at the International Harajuku Fashion Walk, I knew I couldn’t make it to the next event will be over soon in half hour by the time I leave the fashion walk, but it’s all good hehe xP

So that day was actually JC’s day off, he was suppose to come out with me for the whole day but I knew waking up early at 9AM is gonna be hard for him so I told him that he can sleep in till lunch time. My original plan was CC&C:July Meet > Harajuku Fashion Walk > OZ Streets Meet Up & Cruise > Pick up JC > Nissan Zedders BBQ Cruise > Club Motorsport Championship Round 3, but since I couldn’t make it to OZ Streets Meet so I went pick JC up and have lunch together then go to Nissan Zedders BBQ Cruise. 🙂

I found this event on their forum and this event actually just for their members but I send them a private message and they welcome me to come check it out, couldn’t be happier! xD


No, I have no question for why a R8 was in a Nissan Zedders meet up & cruise, I don’t mind at all, dude it’s a R8 yo! hahahaha xD So that’s all for today, I know the turned out wasn’t as expected but you know what? 1 is company, 2 is crowd, 3 is party hehe ;P Alright, next one will be also related to car event so stay tuned and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –

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3 thoughts on “Nissan Zedders BBQ Cruise.

  1. Wasn’t it a wonderful feelings when they told you that you were welcome to the event? 🙂 So happy for you being able to attend the event with JC especially you are a big fan of cars 😉 Gorgeous captures of the cars! Can’t wait for the next post!!! 😉

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