Good Food and Wine Show 2015.


I was thinking of get myself a ticket for this event but I changed my mind for some reason (one of them is because I’m lazy and broke hahahaha xD). Then, few days before the event, Isabelle (my sis-in-law) said one of her customer have some free tickets so wonder if I wanna go or not… Dude, its free ticket, why the hell not?! Hahahahahha xD

This event held on 10 – 12 July, I took the ticket for 11 July. On this day, I parked the car at my brother’s shop then took the bus to city, it’s only 15 mins to city from his shop and it’s only few walks away to the venue after reach the bus stop. This way will save me a few bucks (AUD$8 – $10+) from park the car in the city xP Plus, I can just sit back and relax and enjoy the view on the bus while heading to the city, it’s a win win hehe (oh porsche!) xP


Ok let’s start from those I didn’t try and those are not available for free tasting 🙂


There’s also some well-known chef celebrity doing some talk and demo too x)


I first know George Calombaris from a cooking competition tv show called Master Chef, have been watching that tv show since I don’t even remember start from which season xP If anyone wanna know him more, please click here. x)


Just a quick introduce you guys Miguel Maestre, I first know him from a tv show called The Living Room, he’s a funny guy, his food always makes me mouth watering when watch that tv show >< If anyone wanna know him more, please click here. x)


Debra and Eva are 3rd runner up team from My Kitchen Rules 2015, they are very good friend to each other, if anyone wanna know more about them, please click here. x)


Nic and Rocco are also from My Kitchen Rules, they were 2nd runner up team in 2012. I remember they made killer fancy dessert in the competition, and then they have their own coffee shop and dessert bar at Adelaide. Check them out here if you wanna know more. x)

A few photos from wandering around xP


And from here is what I’ve tried from their free tasting xP


Yummy waffle from WAMO.


The first time I tried these was the 2nd year of working at the Perth Royal Show last year, Cheesebuddy was the boom, anyone who haven’t try it before, please please please try them when you got the chance!! xD By the way, I don’t think I’ll be working at the show this year coz seems like the company I’m working with is not with the show anymore so yea but feel free to check what’s up on the last year’s royal show, Pt.01, Pt.02, Pt.03 xD


Made some cupcake decoration, could’ve done better >< Speaking of which, I haven’t make any dessert since so long ago, the Oreo Mille Crepe Cake I done for Valentine’s Day was the last dessert I made, sounds like a good reason to make some cupcakes hahaha ok I’ll put that into my to-do list now hahahaha xD


Had 2 shot of coffee in like 5 mins xP


Wanted to try these tea but the staff was busy serving other so I ended up didn’t try ><


And the last and the best of the day, Himalayan Salted Chocolate with Vanilla Almond Ice Cream from Connoisseur, HELL YUM!! And yes I went back for second hehe xP

So that’s all for today’s blog post, will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 –


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