Get Away. Day 02 & 03.


Time flies whether you’re having fun or not. 

Who like the feeling of the end of vacation/holiday? No one, right? Me neither. As the end of the 3 days get away is getting closer, the more sentimental I get, coz knowing going back to work is sucks, although my job is not that hard, but I wish this short holiday could go longer 😛

Anyway, the reason I put Day 02 and 03 in one post is because we got up late on our Day 02 then went to Shirley’s (previous) boss’s place to have a simple lunch and catch up, then we get some food from supermarket for dinner while catching up the cooking tv show Master Chef and ended our last night of staying in the place with the rest of the snacks, cheese and wine.


Day 03, I dropped Shirley back to her friend’s place after checked out from the place we stayed for 3 nights, while waiting for Shirley, I made a new friend, this beautiful kitty! xD She’s just approach me then smooch and show me her belly without any hesitate, how not afraid of strangers she is! xD


Quite hard to capture a shot of her beautiful face because she kept looking at other direction and so easy to get distracted from any tiny movement and sound, but she’s still very cute hehe! xD I drove Shirley to city to do her stuff, then we have lunch at the place that we always came after class, Tea Cafe. Tea Cafe is a Hong Kong-style cafe/restaurant, most of them have the same layout like the photo below, some have round tables in the centre between those layout, the round tables usually can only fit 3 to 6 people (8 people max), sometime have to share the table with strangers, because inside the cafe/restaurant usually not very spacious so yea.


Foods up! I missed that fried rice sooooooo much!! xP


We were quite greedy to ordered so much but we haven’t come here for ages so why the hell not?! hahaha xD I don’t know what’s the name for that sandwich, I just know it’s called 公司三文治 (company sandwich? sharing sandwich? LOL)


This is Pineapple Bun with Butter, no, it is not a bun made with pineapple, here’s some explanation. xP


OOOOHHH my favourite and I always, always, ALWAYS order this every time I come here, but I think some people might think it’s weird or even think it’s disgusting, this is Chicken Fried Rice with Pineapple. “With pineapple? What the hell?” It’s almost the same reaction when some people think Hawaiian Pizza is weird or even think it is so wrong, well, I don’t need to care about your judgement on my interest of food, no one need that kind of negativity in their life 🙂 Anyway, it is soooooooo yum and yes I LOVE HAWAIIAN PIZZA TOO *high five to Hawaiian Pizza lovers out there*


And next, Shirley’s favourite, this dish is the simpliest to cook, it’s just pan fried pork chop, some slice of spam ham and a fried egg on top of rice, but the secret is the soy sauce, the taste of the soy sauce is soooo familiar to us that we thought it might be just Maggi soy sauce but there is something else in the sauce, will figure it out one day hahaha xD

Went back to Shirley’s friend’s place after lunch and chilling there, then we decided to go out again. Since her friend’s place is close to Leederville, might as well just have a cuppa and dessert at Oxford St, then we came to a very common place to hang out, Greens & Co. This cafe is like everyone’s meet up or after dinner/drinks/clubbing (etc) spot in Leederville.


I’m was having a slice of Salted Caramel Cheesecake with a cup of Soy Chai latte x)


Shirley ordered a cup of flate white and two different cake, this is Berry Baked Cheesecake.


And this is some gluten free cake that Shirley ordered and I don’t know it’s name xP

After last time of drop Shirley back to her friend’s place, I know I won’t see her for another countless months or years. I actually think I’m quite pathetic, it’s like she’s the only friend I got in the whole world but it’s not true, I got so many friends but they either not here anymore or they don’t wanna keep this friendship going; I know I can make new friends any time any where but for some reason I’m not that socialise like I’m used to be, even Shirley says I’ve became quieter, not like I used to be a random person, make jokes out of the blue and make people laugh, I’ve became a serious person. I admit that thou, coz I can see it, I can feel it even stronger when I was searching for photos to do that BFF post, saw heaps of photos of me, Shirley and other bunch of friends hanging out together, I looked so happy and carefree, especially I looked sooo not care how people think of me or how they look. Hmm I should stop this here coz this won’t end easily so maybe I should make it into another post hahaha. So that’s all for our 3 days get away and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020. –


4 thoughts on “Get Away. Day 02 & 03.

  1. I know how you feel about it dear. This 3-day getaway is so short and not enough for you two to reconnect, but well at least you get the chance to see her and the friendship between you guys is still the same. I love how you share food pics while sharing how you feel about the getaway with her and friendship in general. Truly a wonderful post which I enjoy a lot! 🙂

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