Get Away. Day 01.


Warning: This post will make you hungry, please do not click continue with an empty tummy. LOL xP

We got up very late this day because we went to bed around 3AM on the night before this day. Shirley’s cousin invited us to have brunch together so we met up at the cafe/restaurant that I’ve heard for a while already and also on my to-go list, Ootong & Lincoln, can’t believe I can finally tick off from the list hehe xP


Photo from Love Freo.

Ootong & Lincoln cafe is very easy to spot by their 2 colourful zebras if you turn to South Terrace from South Street 🙂


Our food is here! Yea I know you’re probably mouth watering now but first, please let me introduce what we ordered hehe xP


Potato cake, spinach, hollandaise, 2 poached eggs with mushrooms.


Shiley’s: Pulled steak sanga with sweet potato chips.


Mine: Beef cheeks, mushroom and spinach pasta.


Smoked salmon, beetroot and haloumi rosti, kale and 2 poached eggs.


Chai chocolate cherry pancakes was THE BOOM!! xDDDDD

After filled our tummy and chit-chatting, we went to Fremantle Market coz Shirley wanna get some (sheep fat??? Oo) hand cream and night cream for her family and relative in Malaysia. It’s like you can’t go wrong to get those stuff (and honey) at Fremantle Market, I’m a careless chick when talking bout’ beauty, I don’t really use lotion/cream often, I tried to apply lotion/cream after shower everytime, but my willpower always don’t last long >< I guess my full back body have the best care because me and JC often massage each other while watch movies 😛 Anyway, I guess you still can find them some other places, it’s just the matter of prices so yea 🙂

We would love to stay longer and hang around at Freo but the parking fee says AUD$4 per hour so we left as soon as she finish buy the stuff. Then I took her to East Perth, the first suburb that I lived in the first 3 years in Australia. I love this place so much, because it reminds me of London or New York City even though I never been to those places, this place has modern and vintage side, they have the killer view of everything like sneak peak of the Perth city, the bridge that I never know it’s name and you can see Crown Casino’s building from the bridge too 🙂 I can’t get enough of this place eeeeverytime I come here, and I always bring my friend/cousin (who first come to Perth) to show them the beauty of this place. 🙂


This is definitely not Shirley’s first time come to East Perth, but we had a lot of memory in this place, we used to come here with a bunch of good friends, BBQ, chilling and secretly climb over the fence to use the basketball field, yup, I’m one of the rebel one, good rebellion create amazing memories you know? hehe xP

After hanging around, we went to the city to have dinner. Pizza and pasta are the last 2 things that Shirley wanted to eat so I took her to Northbridge and let her decide which Italian restaurant she wanna try, then we went into Capriccio Italiano 🙂


We shared a Marinara pizza for entree.


My main was Penne Mare e Monte (pasta penne with prawns, homemade Italian sausage, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, pine nuts and mushrooms)


Shirley ordered a Carbonara.


We wanted to have dessert there but then she missed the Dome that we always hang out at so we skipped the dessert at Capriccio 😛 So that’s all for our first day of get away and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020. –


One thought on “Get Away. Day 01.

  1. OMG! That Chai chocolate cherry pancakes has the bomb looking and no wonder it tastes divine 🙂 🙂 🙂 I agree, that place does look like New York/ London (very beautiful and peaceful). Lucky you got the chance to live in that area for a few years 😉 Oh gosh and more food! I’m sure we would still feel hungry after eating. 😀 You food pics are amazing!!! ❤

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