Good food & Bestie.


Finally, the day me and Shirley get together again after such a loooooong time, she is my important guest so I’ve planned her a unforgetable food tour with a 3 days get away. Here’s what we do on our first meet up ;P

I already ask Shirley what food she miss the most and wanna eat during her 1 week stay in Perth, the list she gave me wasn’t too long so I managed to complete all of them in just 4 days 😛 While I’m planning the food tour, I coincidentally found out Frisk. Small Bar having this Winter Warmers deal which has stuffed hot cheese wheels and a glass of your choice of mulled wine or warm spiced gin just for $20, since she’s a fan of wine and cheese so how could I not take her there? xP So we started our night with that oh-hell-yum cheese as entree, can’t go wrong with that hehe xP I also brought Charles to their $20 Martinis and Oysters deal back in March, help yourself to check it out here xD


Then we had our dinner at The Merrywell in Crown Casino. Wangyu burger and steak was on her food list, so I’m just off to the counter to place the order as soon as we found a seat, I don’t even have to look on the menu coz I already did my homework when I got the food list from her before she arrived Perth, yes I’m a good organiser/planner when comes to food hahahaha xD So I ordered Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers (comes in 3) with white cheddar, BBQ caramelised onions and pickles, aaaand…


their cooked to perfect medium-rare sirloin steak! xD Shirley non stop “moaning” while eating the steak, I totally understand why and I am proud of myself that my plan was a success hehe xD


After about an hour of dinner and chit-chatting, we walked around in the Casino to digest a little all the goodness in our tummy, then off to San Churro to have our dessert xP Unfortunately we didn’t take a photo together that night but we did on our 3 days get away on the weekend so will show you guys the pics on the next post xP So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020. –



One thought on “Good food & Bestie.

  1. I’m so much attracted by those mini burgers!!! They just looked so cute! ❤ So glad to see you guys had an amazing time with all these delicious food 🙂 Can't wait for your next post dear!!! 😉


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