A strong friendship doesn’t always need daily conversations or constant togetherness. As long as the relationship remains in each other’s heart, true friends will never part.

– Quote found on Collective Evolution

My bestie, Shirley, who have gone back to Malaysia for 6 years and came to Perth for a short trip, am so excited to see her so I’ve planned a food feast weekend for her but let me introduce you a little more about us xP

I know Shirley for almost 10 years now, we met at Central TAFE, we just clicked straight away in our first conversation, I don’t know why, we just did 😛 Back then we always hang out together, I’ll stay over at hers at least 3 days a week or sometime the whole week, she always make me desserts coz she was studying baking courses and she know I’m a big sweettooth and how much I love cream puff (profiterole) 😛 We never ever have conflict or argument, we just living quite care-free and stress-free like any other student, of course we do stress out when facing assignment and test/exam like any other student but we still cool hehe xP Here’s photos of us when we were still a cool student hehe 😛 ( Damn I’m so young and skinnier 😥 )


If you’re curious why the background in most of the photos are same (red wall and black sofa), it’s because we often go to Hit Studio Karaoke or Utopia Karaoke hehe xD And from here was we bailed from some invitation of a friend then we took train to have a little Fremantle trip in winter of 2007 xP


Although we’re apart so far away and we don’t often contact each other but we know what we’ve been up to by checking each other’s FB and Instagram 😛 So that’s all of I wanna show you guys about our friendship, can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve done and where we went while she’s back in Perth for a short trip, see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD



3 thoughts on “BFF.

  1. I’m so happy that she came over to visit you first of all. You two looked so cute and I can totally see how great the friendship is between you two from the photos. Honestly, it’s so hard to keep friendship alive when you guys live so far from each other. The way how you guys keep it alive definitely tells me how much you guys cherish the friendship. Cheers to you both and have a lovely time with her! ❤ 🙂

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