Custom Cars and Coffee: May Meet. 2015


This day, was so worth to get up early for 😛

The first time I went to Custom Cars and Coffee was on September last year, then they held this event monthly but I didn’t go to any of their monthly meet after my first visit so I was so exciting for their first meet for this year 😛 Ok, I’ll just let you guys enjoy browsing these photos. 🙂


I’ve learnt something after my first visit last year, which is it’s a MUST to walk around in the car park outside the event, coz I noticed there’s sooo many hidden gem there, so here’s what I found 😛


And from here, is the ending of the event, entrants leaving the event with their joy and pride 😛


The perfect last car for ending this post, the 1 of 10 Tesla Model S P85+ in Western Australia!! 😛 After watched some videos about Tesla Model S, I’m quite fascinated by this silent fast car, then I finally see it in person unexpectedly, quite blown away. I only asked the owner about the speed, how quiet and how many in WA but I totally forgot to ask where’s the charging station in Perth >< But anyway, I’m glad I stayed longer xP


I found CC&C this year isn’t as great as the first time I went, they had a couple of Lamborghini, McLaren etc, this time only 2 Ferrari and a Porche, but its ok, still a great event anyway xP So that’s all for today, there’s another car event I went after CC&C, can’t wait to show it 😀 So, will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –

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