So, this is what happened.


All started on that weekend, 24 April.

24 Apr was the day that my family flying oversea and also the day I was starting to be home alone till beginning of May, so I planned to renovate my room during no ones home. On 24 Apr, I’m was mainly move most of my stuff out of my bedroom because of I got work that day so I just did as much as I can.

25 Apr, everything is out of the room but couldn’t start the preparation for the wall as soon as possible because I gotta help my cousin (Jack, ownder and founder of Cirkus Charm) to maintain a market for him the next day so I had to go to the venue to set up the stall.


↓↓↓ 26 Apr, helping my cousin to maintain his stall at Polka Dot Vintage Market from 9.30AM to 4.30PM, which mean I’ve lose quite a lot of time to do my room but it’s ok x’D


↓↓↓ 27 Apr, I’m happy it was my day off but can’t believe the preparation has took me so much time! Spent a good 8 hours to just scrapped off ONE part of the (Approx W:2.1M, H:2.3M exclude an entrance and a wardrobe door, both approx 2.08M x 0.9M) wall! I need to at least have my wall and floor done by 02 May which mean I only got 5 days left so it was quite hectic >_< But Rex did a very good job to make me not too stress xP


↓↓↓ 28 Apr, had the paint stripper applied on the walls and JC got a training for his work, I went along but waited for him at San Churro hehe xP

OneLens20150428185803 (2)

29 Apr, as soon as came home from work, I just do as much as I can for my room, done scrap off another wall, tired >_<

↓↓↓ 30 Apr, finally got some help from JC, he was scrapping the largest wall (Approx W:4M, H:2.3M) and I’m doing another wall that has window. Oh the pic below means, it was my 3rd time sitting on passenger seat in my car, I know there’s more view out there but I love this view better hehe xP


↓↓↓ 01 May, the day that I don’t really wanna remember but that memory has deeply planted into my brain. It was an ordinary day, took an early leave from work because I got less than 30 hours to finish the wall and floor. I need to go to bank to do some deposit, couldn’t find a spot that closer to the entrance of the shopping mall so I parked a little bit further, parked my car next to a white Mazda 3 and no other cars next to mine. After done my stuff, came out seeing another Mazda 3 and a Kia Rio Si (Quite a lot of people would mix it up so I must mention mine is a SLi xP), so I had to take snapshot to show JC xP

WP_20150501_13_16_50_Pro (2)

Then I headed to the Cannington branch of Super Cheap Auto to get the socket set, then this happened. Someone hit into my beloved Rio… No point to talk about how that happened, but I must say after seeing how damage is the Mitsubishi Lancer (even their airbag has deployed) with about 60km/h hit into me, my Rio is quite a tough car! I’m was expecting maybe the windows and door handle would be gone with that impact xP By the way, no one’s injured, lucky JC wasn’t with me ><


After leave the rest to the towing company and my car insurance, JC pick me up at where the accident happened. After seeing his mum, he came home with me to do the rest of the scrapping and finally the undercoat is on.

↓↓↓ 02 May, removing the carpet by myself.


↓↓↓ 03 May, borrowed JC’s mum’s car to help my cousin to maintain his stall at another market, Mount Hawthorn Streets and Laneways Festival. It was soooo crowded and I’m quite busy, help yourself to check the photos out on their Facebook xP And also everyone’s home now.


↓↓↓ 06 May, went to check how is the progress of my car, quite happy with their efficiency x)


↓↓↓ 08 May, got a phone call from the repair company letting me know that they have placed the order to Korea for the parts of my car but it’ll take up to 4 – 5 weeks, which mean I possibly can get my car back on the 1st or 2nd week of June… Oh well, what can I do? But at least I got a spare car, not really mine anymore, it’s belong my parents now, my “ex-bf” Honda Jazz, he’s still quite strong and fun to drive around xP Then, me and JC took his mum out for an early Mother’s day dinner at Guzman y Gomez, then have our desserts at San Churro next door x)


09 May, went to the grand opening sale of the new AutoPro with JC, will do a separate post hehe xP

↓↓↓ 10 May, celebrated Mother’s Day with my family x)


↓↓↓ 11 May, here’s a sneak peak of my room which almost done, I still got a few things to get and add but because of my car and some expenses, my financial gone a little down hill so I couldn’t complete my room just yet. 😦


So that’s what happened in that 2 epic weeks 🙂 I guess everyone would have this experience, like when (mostly bad one) things happened, when we think back to that situation, we would start thinking “hmm I shouldn’t go that way, I could’ve avoid that” but when I guess no matter if we manage to avoid the things was suppose to happen, it will still happen some other time, so I hope there’s no other time after that one happened 🙂

So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Most photos taken with my Nokia Lumia 1020, one with JC’s Nexus 5 and two with my mum’s iPad –


One thought on “So, this is what happened.

  1. Sorry to hear the sudden damage of your car dear! 😦 ope everything is ok now!

    OMG! Rex is so so cute ❤ All your pictures are so lovely especially those ones celebrating Mother's Day 😉


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