Night Noodle Markets Perth 2015.


Isabelle (sis-in-law) brought home the brochure of Eat Drink Perth before the festival launch, after read the brochure, I can’t wait to taste what this festival going to offer. Then that day has come xP


Me and JC arrived at 5PM, what caught my eyes first was that cute giant Maneki Neko (Japanese Lucky Cat) xD


After had a quick scan what’s around the 3 section full of food stalls, we finally made our mind and start queuing up xP We first kick start with Hoy Pinoy‘s skewers.


Inihaw Na Baboy, BBQ Pork Belly with banana ketchup glaze. We wanted to try 1 chicken and 1 pork belly skewer but the chicken was still cooking and only the pork belly are ready to serve so we get 2 pork belly skewer instead. Second, off to next door, Low Key Chow House.


Mantou Buns, Pork 2 ways, chilli coriander slaw, Low Key’s caramel sauce.


Drink Ca Phe Sua Da, Vietname drip coffee, Low Key’s salted caramel coffee syrup, condensed milk, ice. Then, our main and also the last dish at Night Noodle Markets, Kiyamachi-Tei.


Chicken Yakisoba, bet you guys wondering why we just tried 3 dishes at the market, it is becoooooooozzz, we got this voucher from the Eat Drink Perth brochure, Buy ONE CHURROS at San Churro get ONE FREE, so of course we have to save space for it hahahahaha xD


After the first try of their Couverture Caramel (Spanish chocolate and Spanish caramel) from that night, this hot chocolate has become my must-drink every time I visit xP JC was having Crema Y Fresa (White chocolate, strawberries, and vanilla ice cream)


After sweeten mine and JC’s soul, I took JC to check the giant rabbits out, second time for me but first time for JC. I have to say JC is a big kid, he act cool in the public most of the time, but when he got home (sometime), his “kid mode” will turn on, make random noise to get my attention or waiting for me respond with random noise too (LOL!), run weirdly, and he love hide in blanket and peak from blanket… yup, he’s my other half x’D So if there’s totally no one around here at where these giant rabbits are, you can already tell what he’ll do, or I should say not just JC would turn to a kid running around and play with these rabbits but some of the adults would too. If you wanna ask what will I do if this really happen, I’ll most likely taking photos, capture the moments of all that natural smiles and happiness 🙂


So, no matter how old we get, we should embrace our inner child 🙂


Let’s end this post with Perth city skyline, AGAIN hahaha ;D So that’s all for today, have a good start of another new week! And will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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