Attack of Giant Rabbits.


I love soft and fluffy animal, cat, dog, hamster, ferret, rabbit etc. My Chinese Zodiac is rabbit, and coincidentally that this event using rabbit for their artwork so how can I not check them out? Hehe xP

I’m not sure who (JC’s mum or my sis-in-law) ask me do I know there’s some exhibition that has giant rabbits coming to Perth, I never heard of it so I Google it and found the event, Intrude, art installation by artist Amanda Parer at South Perth Foreshore, this event also part of the South Perth Fiesta for this year. If anyone are curious did I go to see The Giants on February, no I didn’t, and I didn’t regret it, coz I got something else that attracts me more, although people thinks it’s not as extraordinary as The Giants x)

PS: I think there’s some people don’t get the pun of why I named this post as “Attack of Giant Rabbits”, it is because an anime called “Attack of Titan“. If you love Japanese Anime/Manga like me, and you haven’t watch that anime yet, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT! Hahahaha xD


Let’s end this post with Perth city skyline ;D So that’s all for today, have a good weekend guys! And will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


3 thoughts on “Attack of Giant Rabbits.

    • Thank u sweet Khloe! ;D I went back to check them out again 2 days after this one so there’s more photos of these up soon ;P There’s soooo many events and festival launch since last week (last till mid/end of Apr), you should totally come here! xD You can have a look what’s up for this year first then you can start planning come over next year hahahahaha xD

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      • You’re most welcome sweetie 😉 I just checked them out and they were amazing 😉 we loved it so please share more with us 😉 I really wish I could come 😛 I’m sure I’ll love it 😀 Thanks for the good tips! I will have a look 😉


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