Another dinner that I wish it was happened on a Friday night 😛

It’s been a while that no one’s gonna come home that night so I decided to make a dinner 😛 I’m was doing some groceries shopping and saw some quarter wedge of watermelon with price tags says “90cent/kg”, since me and my special guest, JC, loves watermelon so I might as well grab the biggest one on the shelve and it only cost me AUD$1.81, happy~ 😛 I usually just cut them in slightly bigger than a bite size so that can eat it with a fork in somekind an enjoyment while watching tv show or movies but I feel like make it into a drinks, so I reserved some of the flesh and use the rest to make it into the drinks that I’m not sure where did I first tried it but I can’t forget the taste, then I found the recipe to make it, so here you go, Watermelon Agua Fresca. xD


I have to mention this dinner was made on the day after we had a big dinner at Bistro Felix (Mon), before that, I had 2 dinner in a row, which was in the engagement party (Wed) and 1st day of Chinese New Year (Thurs), lucky that JC’s parents didn’t plan a congrats dinner for his graduation (Fri) >_< After this dinner (Tues) we had another dinner the next day with my family at Silks (Thurs)… So I have to plan well on my “diet” if there’s gonna be a big dinner on day before/after then will have to eat a little bit cleaner on day before/after the big dinner >_< So obviously I’m the one who was having this baked fish in parcel 😛


My baked fish in parcel is super easy, what I did was place the fish fillet on the baking paper, drizzle a bit of olive oil, sprinkle bit of sea salt, basil and parsley on both side (I forgot black pepper!!!! >_<), place a couple of lime/lemon slices on the fish, wrap it then bake it with the sweet potato in the oven (200’c, 25min). Done. 🙂


I saw this was dropped down in price so I immediately grab it and make it for JC, on the cooking instructions it says cook it in a fry pan, but I cook them in the oven instead, they turned out quite good as you can see from the picture but don’t have the “char-grilled” kind of texture like Jamie Oliver’s 🙂


I made those chips myself, cut the potato in about the size of shoe-string chips, coated with bit of oil, sea salt, basil, parsley and MasterFoods’s all purpose garlic seasoning then bake them (220’c, 25min). It was actually a pile of chips on the plate but JC finished most of it while I’m doing something else and taking photos so I only have that bit left ><

It is quite a bad idea to catching up with the latest episode of My Kitchen Rules while having these healthy dinner coz what they cooked on the show makes me feel like wanna have some “real” food haha xD So that’s all for today and will see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –




3 thoughts on “Dine-In.

    • Thank u Khloe and you’re more than welcome! ;D Hahaha I wish he can cook too so that I can take some break hehe xP Yea u must try the drinks, its so refreshing but a little bit dangerous at the same time coz u can’t really taste the alcohol so it’s super easy to drink so u can’t tell how many alcohol have drank hehe xP

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