Autumn, Yes!


Vibrant flowers are slowly fading it’s colours, green leaves slowly turn brown, the insects that I hate the most my dear spiders are finally go on sleep mode. Autumn is here, yes! 😛

If any of you have been following my outfit post you might already know I don’t like any weather that above 25’c, that’s why I didn’t post any outfit post during summer >_< But if you’re new, feel free to check out the reason here hehe ;P

Here’s my very simple outfit also the first outfit post for Autumn 😛


Collette Dinnigan C.Donnigan 05 Glasses, River Island Embellished Mirror Print T-Shirt, Stussy Speech Bubble Clutch, Casio Digital Watch, Tights with over the knee mock sock, Converse Hi-Top Sneaker.

1 more month till my birthday, time flies! x( I don’t mind more yummy food and celebrations but still not looking forward to my age increase 😥 Anyway, since it’ll be my birthday soon, I’ve decided to do a blog post about myself, feel free to drop some questions (Max 5 per person :P) on the comment, I’ll answer them and post it on my birthday hehe ;P That’s all for today, see you guys on the next one then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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