Happy Chinese New Year.


Chinese New Year of this year falls on Wednesday, it will be a long break till next week in Asia country, but it is not a public holiday in Western country so we all had to go back to work. Uuuhh wish it falls on Friday 😛

Most of the time, me and my family didn’t really celebrate much for Chinese New Year every year, we usually just have dinner at home or dinner out, same for this year’s CNY. I’ve missed out the dinner with family on the CNY’s eve, it is a day of family reunion, but I got invited to JC’s uncle’s engagement party so I couldn’t attend the reunion dinner, but of course I didn’t miss out the dinner for CNY Day 😛 Here’s how me and my family celebrate CNY 😛


Those special prawn crackers are my all time favourite, they’re so much better and tastier than those white-ish/pink-ish prawn crackers from restaurant xP


As usual, my sis-in-law will make this on every CNY x)


My mum’s cooking, I know they looks all browns and there’s no greens but they cooked from heart and with love 😛


My mum bought this Pandan flavoured cake for dessert.


This cute doggy (Tiramisu) cake is a CNY present from JC’s mum, so funny and cute at the same time xD

And this day, was the 7th day of CNY, it mean “Birthday of all human being”, for all the details about CNY, you can look it up here haha 😛 So on this “Birthday”, we celebrate at Silks Premium Chinese Restaurant in Crown Perth. Ok I’ll just let you guys enjoy the photos hehe 😛


I think this perfectly plated in one dish from bits of all of the dishes are the best way to end this post haha xD So once again, wish you all Happy Chinese New Year, happiness throughout the year and most importantly, wish you all good health 😉 So that’s all for today and see you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100. –


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