Started with French, Ended with Spanish.


Celebrated all the events at once here with JC. 🙂

I love to plan a pre-dinner before some event happen on the actual day so I usually will organize a pre-celebration that only for me and JC. For example, his birthday, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas (2014), New Year’s Eve (2013) etc, I mostly held the pre-celebration before celebrate with my/his family on the actual day.

This year seems like can’t really go well with plan because of my wallet is still regaining it’s “HP” since the day I came back from my Taiwan trip, I know JC would pay for everything without hesitate, but I wanna make those little celebration special for him 🙂 So, I’ve made a plan of make up dinner to celebrate his birthday, Valentine’s Day and congrats his graduation all at once tonight, at Bistro Felix. 🙂

We came to Bistro Felix quite a few time already, first was when JC’s sis’s birthday in 2013. – Photos from JC – ↓


Second time was in 2014, I don’t remember what’s the occasion but went there with JC and his sis. – Photos taken with Sony Xperia S –


Then a farewell dinner on Oct 2014 for JC’s sis moving back to Sydney for her new job. – Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020 – 


I only took a photo of JC’s dish and his mum’s, his mum was having some fish, me and JC having steak. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out the name of the dishes coz they’ve changed their menu. ><

So here comes our 4th visit at Bistro Felix 🙂


JC’s Mojito and my Espresso Martini.


Oysters and scallops for entree. They usually will serve some bread before ordering (as you can see on the previous photos) but seems like they don’t do it anymore, I got a little disappointed coz I really like their fluffy bread and the butter that they made by themselves, I can just have a dozen of their bread with teir butter as entree, main and dessert whole night haha 😛


For our main, 350g Black angus sirloin steak, watercress, shallot and Cafe de Paris butter. We didn’t get our dessert there because we couldn’t find the dessert we always ordered which is the Chocolate Fondant and white ganache (blueberry sorbet and yoghurt mousse) as seen below , photos from MzPiggy on Urbanspoon.


So we ended up solve our problem here, San Churro, hehe xP


I’m was having Couverture Caramel, JC was having Hot & Cold, and that’s not it though 😛


BAM! Choc Banana Sundae! hahaha xD


What a well planned Monday dinner out, that perfect combination of chocolate and and dulce de leche (Spanish caramel) can seriously cured Monday blue although I don’t usually have Monday blue but it ended my Monday night well, but it would be awesome if the next day is Saturday hahahaha xD

Anyway that’s all for today and hope you guys enjoy eating with your eyes, see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020. –


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