Marc & Norelle’s Engagament & CO.

DSC02334 (2)

This is a pre-new chapter for any couple when the time comes, so, it is the time for JC’s uncle. I’ll just let all these photos tell you guys that how was the night went 😛

Before that, if anyone wondering what I wore to the party, help yourself to check it out here, hehe xP

DSC02330 (2)DSC02297aDSC02380aDSC02381aDSC02304aDSC02323aDSC02312aDSC02310aDSC02336aDSC02338aDSC02377aDSC02376aDSC02375aDSC02298aDSC02327aDSC02370aDSC02316aDSC02317aDSC02318aDSC02321aDSC02320aDSC02322aDSC02326a DSC02345aDSC02352aDSC02353aDSC02367aDSC02358aDSC02368aDSC02369aDSC02386aDSC02388aDSC02392a

This is what happened when I leave my camera to JC while I went to the toilet xP


Please forgive me for all those blurriness, noise and yellowish colour tone, I’m still exploring my new camera >< That’s all for today, see you guys on the next post then! Ciao! 😀

– Photos taken with Sony A5100 –


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