19.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 08.


After the sweet-self-time at SweetMe Hotspring Hotel on Day 07, I checked-out and back to the hustle and bustle city on this day, Day 08 ><

Before check-in to my new hotel, I left my luggage there then went to AoBa to have my brunch. As you know I’m kinda buffet fanatic so I’ve searched for what buffet do Taipei have then I came across this place, this place is a buffet of Taiwanese cuisine, such as Braised pork rice, stewed chicken with Chinese wine, Ba Wan etc.


Yup, you can see I’ve went all out and you can tell I’m very enjoyed buffet hehe xP After have my belly full to the max, I walked around in the area to digest, there’s a lot of artsy shop like this one, a stationery shop called Tools to Liveby.


After some stroll there I walked to this 3C plaza called Guang Hwa Digital Plaza, that’s where I got my computer and digital camera from when I was studying in Taiwan, most of the cheap and quality technology stuff are there x) I wanted to take photos but I thought maybe not a good idea so I only went there to get the best and cheapest price of power bank then walk back to my new hotel, Taipei Morning Hotel x)


Remember the guy, David,  I mentioned him on the post of first night arrived in Taipei? He texted me and ask what I feel like for dinner so I said hotpot then he said consider it done, after a few minutes he said table reserved and we can go right away then boom we are here at one of the famous hotpot place in Taiwan xDDD

Beside came with David, Claire also came along, I met Claire in the English class in Perth, she also back to Taiwan after studied in Australia so here we are, all catching up hehe xP


After filled ourselves with tons of food and dozen of drinks, we all head back to our own place, no doubt it was a very good night sleep after consumed a dozen of drinks hehe xP So that’s all for today! See you guys on the next one! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100, all raw. –


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