17.01.15 ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 06.


Even though I didn’t really do much on Day 06 but still non-stop looking for food, its a must hehe xD

Have plan to visit a suburb that most of Japanese would live at, Tian Mu. Unfortunately there’s no MRT to Tian Mu so I have to get off at Zhi Shan MRT Station then take bus to that suburb. After arrived Zhi Shan, I walked around and search for brunch. Too many option so I decided to have this, Jian Bao (煎包).


Not much of difference to meat bun that you see from Asian restaurant or even Pork Bun from Dim Sum/Yum Cha restaurant, the only difference is they not steamed in the bambo steamer, they cooked in pan in medium-low heat, exactly like how Dumpling/Gyoza made 😛


Waiting for bus to Tian Mu x)


Some Sunday Market happening on that day x)


Off to visit Taipei Japanese School and American School. American School on right, Japanese School on left.


Taipei Japanese School. Would love to go in but I can already tell I’ll get reject so I didn’t bother to ask the security xP


Taipei American School.


Dayeh-Takeshimaya Shopping Mall.

Processed with VSCOcam

Had a quick stroll around most of the clothing and accessories department coz I wanna spend more time in their basement, food heaven! xD I secretly took this photo at their supermarket, so tempted to have them for dinner but feel like try the fried pork fillet bento from the restaurant opposite where I stayed so I didn’t get it ><


Okonomiyaki (お好み焼き).


Taiyaki (鯛焼き).


Bought 6 different flavours of cream puff, have already plan to have 2 per day after dinner haha! xD


I should’ve buy the fish bento from Takashimaya coz this pork fillet bento wasn’t taste as good as it looks on this photo 😥 Anyway, that’s all for today! See you guys on the next post, ChaCha to TAIPEI: Day 07! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Sony A5100, all raw. –


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