11.01.15 Hello Taipei + Taipei Vendome Hotel.


Although this was happened on 11 Jan but now, my holiday will be over in 8 days, but the excitement is as fresh as I departed from Perth. 🙂


My trip is not officially begin till I arrived Taipei xP


Curtain off.


Curtain on.

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As soon as I got a sim card after come out from the airport, I sent my phone number to my friends who still in Taiwan, then this guy in the mustard yellow cardigan, David, call me straight away when he received my sms. I was quite thrilled when we finally talking on the phone like we always do in Perth! I’m glad I’m back in Taiwan 😛 Then we immediately plan for a drink near my accommodation. I can’t really explain how I felt when I see my super long time no see buddy, just super happy! xD

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4 beers, a plate of fried spicy chicken and a basket of garlic fries = AUD$38.

Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam

Yes, even though I’m in Taiwan, I still will spot some nice cars 😛

Processed with VSCOcamProcessed with VSCOcam

Secretly take a few snapshot at the 7-11, those shampoo looking bottle are coffees 😛

Ok let’s talk about the hotel that I stayed for the first 4 nights, Taipei Vendome Hotel. I’m seriously don’t remember where did I found this hotel coz I’ve been search through so many different website then one of them brought me to Venere.com coz apparently they had the cheapest deal for this hotel.

I’ve read quite a lot of bad reviews bout’ them, most of them complaint their bathroom has molded tiles in the shower area or sooo much noises from the night club. So here’s my 4 nights experience in this hotel.

As you can see from the photos, I booked a standard double room without windows. Ok I’ll just straight to the cons about this hotel.

  • IF YOU CAN NOT DEAL WITH THIS FIRST CONS THAN YOU CAN GIVE THIS HOTEL A PASS: This hotel located at 12F in a commercial building, 11F is a Karaoke, 5F is a Disco/Night Club, so this is definitely not the hotel that suits people who are light sleep. I stayed for 4 nights, checked-in on Sunday, checked-out on Thursday. Except the noise from karaoke, you’ll also hear some adult-time noise. Karaoke and night clubs in Taiwan usually busy on Wednesday to Saturday so if you still wanna give this hotel a try, your best day to check-in is Sunday and check-out on Wednesday. Wednesday night was pretty noisy but I was tired everyday so I knocked out as soon as lied on the bed xP
  • No windows means no fresh air and no sunlight: If anyone have booked a room with no windows then you’ll have to deal with that dark room will be quite smelly and the bathroom tiles will be a lil moldy, my room doesn’t smell but I’ve been smelling some cigarette smells slip into my room, it didn’t bother me so I didn’t mind.
  • You probably saw one of the photo says do not flash toilet paper in the toilet, I know this gonna gross heaps of people out but for me this is understandable, a lot of the drain of the toilet in Taiwan are small so toilet paper (or anything except your No.1 and 2) will clog the drain.

The pros:

  • Comfy bed.
  • Starbucks and Zara is just at 1F
  • MRT is just right there when you walk out from the building.
  • You are only 3-5 mins walk to cafes/restaurants/convenient stores and nearby shopping centre and 5-8 mins walk to Vivienne Westwood and Stussy (G-Shock store also around there too).


That’s all for today, see you guys on the next post tomorrow, CHACHA to TAIPEI: Day 01! Ciao! xD

– Most of the photos (raw) taken with Sony A5100, the rest with Sony Xperia S, no filter, no crop, no edit. –


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