Can’t believe its almost 8 years! Time flies. But all the memories are still fresh like it just happened yesterday. xP

I’m not Taiwanese, I’m Malaysian-Chinese, but I have the perfect Taiwanese accent. 94% of Taiwanese friends thought I’m Taiwanese when I speak Mandarin. Mandarin is my mother tongue and I always watch Taiwanese TV show, so to put up that accent is just super easy. After living in Taiwan for a year and half, I can say that I’ve nailed the way how Taiwanese speak, except I don’t look like a Taiwanese, of course. But I do look a little bit like Taiwan Aboriginal though, so if I tell a Taiwanese that I’m a Taiwanese Aboriginal, they’d totally believe it hehe 😛

Ok what I was doing in Taiwan for 1 and half year? I was studying Multimedia Design in Ming Chuan University (Taoyuan campus), I was supposed to study 2 years there but due to migrant to Australia with my family so I have to leave 6 months earlier. Let me show you my uni, uni life and anything I know about Taiwan. 🙂



Japanese-like classroom 🙂


Clean 3 classrooms every morning before the uni hour starts was my part-time job, I’m really enjoyed it coz I can explore the uni while nobody was there 😛


That was the female dormitory that I lived in during studying there, bunk bed room as you can see and you can tell those are my stuff xP


Milo the I-don’t-know-what-mouse-he-is and Yoyo the Rabbit! xD


Milo is my first pet in Taiwan, he’s so cute, non stop eating and loves to sleep on my lap when I doing stuff on my computer xP My classmate took him over when I’m leaving Taiwan, don’t know how is he now but I doubt he’s still alive coz it’s been 8 years already so yea >_<


Yoyo is my birthday present from my junior, he’s so fluffy as you can tell by this photo haha xD Unfortunately he passed away in his first summer living with me coz of the heat in our room 😥


I missed my sexy 250cc motorbike so much x( If you never been to Taiwan, motorbike are the most popular transportation than cars you’ll see in Taiwan. If you’re going to study in somewhere that public transport isn’t really good like in Perth, you can think of getting yourself one of these swanky bike I got, they’re super fun xD I know it could be dangerous, as long as you ride carefully and watch how the local do (not those rude rider/driver though), you’ll should be fine.

I’m more like a speeder, I wish I could afford any above 300cc one but they’re too big for me, and 250cc is more than enough if you don’t really go somewhere far, and they’re quieter than you thought, totally unlike those high school boys riding one in Perth 🙂 Public transport are very convenient in Taipei so you probably don’t have to care about it, I was living in Taoyuan (an hour train to Taipei), a state that buses and taxi was their only public transport when I was studying there, that’s why I got myself that motorbike, now they got MRT! *Non English* I’m not sure about the license and stuff coz erm… I didn’t get one which mean I was riding illegally, but as what I’ve just said, drive carefully and act like you’re one of those who has a license then you’ll should be fine, the best way is ask your Taiwanese friends about the rules if you don’t feel like get a license 🙂

And here’s some bits and piece of my uni life 🙂


Making a MV.


Walk the rabbit is already started in 2007 in Taiwan, so why surprise when you see someone walk their ferret, cat or etc in 2014? 😛


Uuuhhh those fun time in uni and also those hard time when go through those assignments, all just bitter-sweet. :’)


Taiwan has 4 seasons, temperature is almost the same to Japan, Hong Kong and China. In Winter, they can be in -3 cold, I don’t remember how hot they can be in Summer but definitely not above 30’c like Perth.


That was at my friend’s singing competition on a TV show 😛


You know you’re lucky when your roommate is working at a cafe/restaurant and you can get free food 😛


Ladies night in the dorm and me playing guitar in a comfy position. 😛


Who wouldn’t feel depress/down when they’re in stress from studies especially when they’re studying oversea far away from their hometown? I’m lucky enough that I didn’t get homesick coz I love this place, I love Taiwan like the local 😛 But the studies part, we definitely need a break for ourselves to release those stress. Well, we was student and only earn some money from part-time job so we don’t really wanna spend that extra penny to get a cuppa and sit in the cafe for a chit-chat so me and Rachel (my classmate + roommate who you see a lot of her in photos in this post) always go to the nearest park to talk, to take random photos, look into the starry sky, play some sparkler etc. Besides those, my another tips to release stress is… you remember I owned that swanky motorbike? and you remember I said I’m a speeder? Then you’ll probably know what’s my another tips is, yea I go for a ride at night often haha 😛


Ok let’s talk about food in Taiwan. Food in Taiwan is really really REALLY cheap and they have a variety of different cuisine, from traditional local food to fine dining international food. 1 lunch box like the photos you just saw are like around AUD 2 to 5, highest price of lunch box are around AUD 8. If you go to the night market, be prepare to feel full after trying 2 food stalls coz they are cheap, yummy and super generous portion, for example, 8 dumplings only cost around AUD 0.80 (or AUD 1), 6 Takoyaki (Japanese octopus balls) AUD 2 to 3. So it would be better if you go with someone but not alone. If you go to some better place to eat it usually cost around AUD 10 to 15 a meal that comes with salad, drinks and dessert as you can see from the photos. Hotpot is 1 of the popular cuisine in Taiwan, and those buffet style hotpot are what poor axx students like me love to go, price starts from AUD 8 to 15 or highest AUD 30.


So that was my last dinner at Taiwan. Then I went back to Taiwan for travel 3 weeks on around 2008 or 2009, but I lost all the photos, otherwise I could’ve show you guys those food from night market :Q

Here comes the fashion part, Taiwanese fashion style has the replica of Japan and Korea, they also can do well in other styles too, here’s some example. 😛


These outfit photos are from one of the popular online fashion shop in Taiwan, Moda♥Moda and Tokyo Fashion Co. Oh boy I can tell that I’m gonna be sooooo broke from shopping already while I’m just browsing on their website, not even at the shop yet! :’)

To be honest, I don’t know much about the culture, I only know a very little part of history like Taiwan was inhabited by Japanese in the 1890-something so there’s some Japanese’s culture past down too, so you’ll see a lot of Japanese food and Japanese inspired restaurant or Izakaya (Japanese style bar/pub) and buildings in Taiwan.

The people are really kind and friendly, but you’ll still see some rude or “cold” manner people like they bumped into you while walking and they don’t apologize, maybe 1 out of 7 are like that I think. Most of the cities in Taiwan are English friendly, even the Taipei MRT map. Strangers are willing to help you out if you’re asking for direction, even if they can’t really speak English, they’ll try their best to help you out, most of them understand and can speak moderate English, maybe with a little funny pronunciation or meaning 😛

And last, about the Do’s and Don’ts in Taiwan. Hmmm… basically you can do pretty much whatever you want in Taiwan (not criminal stuff of course), but remember, whatever you do there, represent your nationality, so try not to leave a bad reputation/impression there 🙂 There is some superstition around for ages but not sure about how this generation think about it so I might as well let you guys know, but if you really wanna know about the Do’s and Don’ts, this link might help you 😛

Ok this is the longest post I’ve ever have! Sorry about the grammars though >_< I know this post probably couldn’t give you the full details of Taiwan but to whoever would like to go, planning to go or are going to Taiwan, hope this would help and wish you all have a wonderful trip! That’s all for today and see you guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

PS: These are my thoughts and experience, I apologize if there’s anything here is not true or offended anyone.

Cover photo from Pinterest.


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