D.I.Y Birthday Present.


This post is probably too late for you to make it for someone for Christmas, but this simple D.I.Y gift is definitely suits any occasions so try this next time xP

I was totally run out of ideas to get a birthday present for JC’s sister, so I decided to make this 😛 So what you need is any size of hollow photo frame with glass, I chose 23 x 23cm ( 9 x 9″ ). White (hard material) paper. Artificial flowers. Scissor, glitter glue ( I used glitter glue ), pencil, eraser, black fine liner pen, black marker pen/colour pencils, double sided tape. So let’s get started 😀


First, removed the glass from the frame. You’ll have to cut the white hard paper same size with inner frame, what I did was I put the glass on the white hard paper to line out the size by pencil so that I can get the exact same size of the inner frame. Once you have that perfect square drawned on the paper, you can cut it out then place it in the frame without the glass like what shown in the photo above. x)


Now you can start arrange the flowers into the frame, not glue them though, just to get the idea of where you wanna place the flowers, I started with the leaves first then the flowers and this is how I want it look like.


Then you can start draw anything after placing the flowers. I draw an initial of “V”. The reason why I do it this way instead of draw it before place the flowers is because I think it’ll be more accurate for me to draw the letter in the centre. You can do it your way, of course 🙂


After just a quick line out of the letter, I took the paper out and line out again with black fine liner pen. Then I erase the pencil’s line, you can leave some un-erase-able pencil mark on hard paper, just try your best to erase as clean as you can 🙂


After filled the letter with marker pen, I start apply some glitter glue disorderly 😛


Last step, put the paper back to the frame without the glass on, put those flowers back on with double sided tape, take the paper (with all the flowers taped on the paper) out again, put the glass back into the frame then the paper. Done! 😛


So this is the complete work looks like, and I hope she’ll like it 😛 That’s all for today! Merry Christmas and enjoy your holiday! (Drive safe aye! :P) Will see you guys after Christmas! Ciao! 😀

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter, no crop, no edit –


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