Topshop & Zara in Perth.


After a few weeks of the launch of Topshop and Zara on Murray Street, I have finally came to check them out, told you I’m a not often on trend ( or out-dated ) person haha 😛

Sometime I do know there’s some new shop or restaurant launch somewhere ( thanks to social media ) but I can’t be bother to go or check them out. For example, I know when was the Zara first launch in Garden City but I knew there will be super, super, SUPER crowded so I can’t be bother to squeeze in the crowd, coz I know after a month or so they’ll be not as crowded as the first 1-2 month, then it’s the perfect time for me to go have a look, to enjoy what I can see and slowly browsing without any awkwardness or embarrassment when someone is also looking or their hand reaching to the same item, or queueing in the line to the changing room or paying. And another example, the first few weeks of Paparich launched in James Street, people lining up there for hours, now, you can get a seat in 15-30 mins.


The first Topshop store that I’ve been to was at Sydney, I wish my wallet (or bank account) have an unlimited uses of mula so that I can go crazy on this cool brand, but I ended up only purchased a pair of shoes ( shown below ) at their Sydney store.


Next, Zara. The first Zara store that I’ve visited also at Sydney. I only bought a t-shirt for JC’s sister when I was at the Sydney’s store. I’m not sure what would I get for myself from Zara since their style is more classy/fancy/office-like? I don’t know which word to describe but yea not really my style, I probably would get some of their t-shirt, some was quite good looking, and some bags, accessories and jewellery, but I most likely would get their perfume, smells nice and in affordable price, besides, I’m a perfume addict so some of their perfume is already in my wishlist haha xP But I still have 4 new perfumes that still sitting in my drawer, and 5 half used perfumes on desk haha 😛


As you can see that I only took a few photos in both shop coz I really don’t wanna get told off or something so yea I was just quickly take some snapshot then that’s it >< But if you wanna see more, check the Style Hunter’s blogpost of Topshop or Zara out  😛

That’s all for today! Will see you guys on the next post, Breakfast at The Merrywell! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter, no edit, no crop. Cover’s photo from Google Image –


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