The Great Beer and Cider Fair 2014.


I have to say that this year is my lucky year, coz I have been won some free passes and I didn’t even expect I would win, and this is one of them 😀


After had a good 3hrs of exploring the redevelopment of Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, I headed to my next stop, The Great Beer and Cider Fair. I was sooo keen to check them out last year but I missed it, then I am so lucky that I won a double pass to this event this year. Was suppose to go with JC but he got last minute call up from work,  then I tried to reach some friends but they have gone back to their country for holiday or some already got plan on that day, so I ended up go by myself… myself with 5 free tasting, yeaaa booyy hahahaha xD


After a quick walk around and quick chat with a couple of colleague (yea I work for the company that held this event), I started to use my first ticket of free tasting. My first drink had to be Rekorderlig, they are my favourite! I first introduced by my sister about this brand couple years ago, my favourite flavours are strawberry and lime cider, and pear cider, but they only had dry apple in the event so I might as well try that one, and it tasted as good as my favourites 😀


Second drinks was this one, I don’t remember what brand was that but I first thought it is cider because of the name so I try it without hesitate, then I quietly “uuggh” with almost have my tongue out when I had the first taste, its not sweet at all so I think I mistaken got myself a beer 😦 I don’t hate beer but I don’t like it either, I don’t really like the gas stuck in my stomach and bitterness, that’s why I’m seldom get myself a beer ><


Third drinks was this Sparkling Spritzer infused with Wild Strawberry from Scarlett’s Spritzers.


Fourth drinks was Citro Bitter from Black Kite Beverage Co. Lemon lime bitter is my another option when I run out of option on the drinks menu when dinner out/hang out somewhere, I never tried it with alcohol so I get it without hesitate as well, and it tasted just yum and refreshing! Would definitely stock some in my fridge for summer hehe 😀


My last ticket of free tasting used on Fuji Apple Cider from Kirin. I tried it the other day in a bottle with nice and cold temperature straight out from the fridge, it tasted good, but I had a not too cold one in this event so it tasted a little bit dry even though they’re in the ice bucket but the staff pour me the one that have been out of the bucket for awhile which you can see that bottle behind the bucket ><


Then my last drink for the day in the event, I bought myself an Orchard Crush Pear Cider from James Squire. I always get myself a pint of this when I dinning at The Merrywell, goes well with steak just like other alcoholic drinks 😀 Besides alcoholic drinks, of course there’s food trucks too! 😀


Grilled to the Mac.


Little Caesars Pizzette.


Smokie’s Southern BBQ.


Miss Tartufo Gelati.


Jumplings Dumpling.


After struggling in decided which food trucks should I head to, I ended up get myself the Pork Belly Taster from Braised Bros. It tasted as good as it looks! I don’t really like apple puree after a bad experience from some other places before, but theirs was really nice and smooth so it is my favourite now haha xD

That’s all for today! Will see you guys on the next post, Made on the Left: Christmas Market! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter, no edit, no crop –


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