Big El’s Latin American Fusion.


Carnival Macabre has just started last Friday (24th Oct)! 7 days long festival to celebrate Halloween and Mexican Day of the Dead at Northbridge! There’s sooo many things and meal deal happening during this 7 days! Big El’s Latin American Fusion is on the list too!

All attendants of Northbridge Piazza will be able to purchase their famous Nacho Bowl (Tri-colour tortilla chips served with siete chilli con carne, topped with Jack cheese, and your choice pf potato’s companion or chipotle mayonnaise) ↓


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Vegetarian Nacho Bowl (Tri-colour tortilla chips served with a mix of black bean and cilantro salsa, and oven roasted garlic and tomato salsa topped with Jack cheese and your choice of garlic aioli or chipotle mayonnaise) ↓


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and Kelly’s Box (Beer battered fries grilled with pulled beef, cheese, and topped with your choice of potato’s companion sauce or chipotle mayonnaise) ↓


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All at 25% discount! To be eligible, just bring your paper document from your attendance at Northbridge’s Carnival Macabre! Discount valid from 24th Oct – 02 Nov. 😀

I didn’t go to enjoy the discounted meal there, but I went there with my friends for my birthday on April this year. Since they have a meal deal thing going on so I might as well post this and show you guys what we had there 😛


This restaurant was originally a Japanese pub/bar style’s restaurant, in quite modern interior design. I drove pass a couple of time when they still was the Japanese restaurant and always wanted to try them out but I lost the chance. I didn’t even realized they are gone until I’m was craving for some Mexican food then searching for some Mexican restaurant around Northbridge then found this place and realized the Japanese restaurant is gone.


The Temple of Dome, it is a Spanish Sangria with a twist served in a skull bottle with fresh fruits. You guys can probably tell why we ordered this drink, yup, the skull bottle hahaha xD It was quite a pleasant drinks, more like a vodka with a hint of lemon and orange. Emily likes it but too strong for me, all I tasted was vodka ><


Alice is a serious weak drinker, she can’t have more than a sip of any alcoholic drinks, so she ordered herself a Lemon Lime Bitter. 😛


$20-average-Espresso Martini.


Emily snapshot me snapshot my drinks.


Piquin beer battered fries, served with your choice of garlic aioli or chipotle mayonnaise.


Achiote carnitas (Mexican pulled pork) tacos.


Mexican pulled beef quesadilla.


Big El’s Fusion Oysters, half dozen fresh oysters with a combination of natural Peruvian ceviche style oysters, Fusion St Jaques Mornay oysters and special chipotle oysters Kilpatrick.


Mexican style guajillo popcorn prawns, dusted with guajillo salt and served with jalapeno tartare, with a side of crispy tostaditas.

That’s all for today! Wish you all have a good start of this new week and will see you guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter, no edit, no crop –

Big El’s Latin American Fusion

TUES – SUN 18:00 – 23:00

71 Francis Street

Northbridge 6003

Western Australia


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