Halloween Dinner.


Exactly 7 days till Halloween!! Are~ you~~ ready~~~ ? woooo….. *talking in spooky way*  lol 😛

I love scary stuff like ghost story, horror movies and haunted house, so Halloween are definitely one of my favourite event day of the year 😀 JC’s family was away on that weekend that I made these, while I was struggling on what’s for dinner, I decided to move my Halloween dinner’s plan few days ahead 😛


Pinterest is one of the best place to search for occasion food ideas, I found this drink’s idea there 😛 I used the same method of making the eyeballs but I used Smirnoff Signature Serves Blood Orange instead of fruit juice, the colour of Smirnoff blood orange wasn’t really red so I added few drops of red food colouring to make it looks more red just like in this photo 🙂


Cut the shape of a skull on a styrofoam ball.


Found the easiest marinate ingredient for this pork rib on Taste.com.au. 😛


After the pork ribs are cooked, I leave it in the oven to cook another 5 minutes to make it have a little burnt on edges 😛 After shaped the styrofoam into a skull I wrapped it with cling-wrap so that the leg ham are not on the material of the styrofoam 🙂 Inspired from Foododdity.com 😛


Was planned to make a Sugar Glass Cupcake but my “clear toffee” didn’t set properly so had to change my plan to this Graveyard Cucpake 😛 I found the idea from Pinterest as well but I didn’t used any cooking/ingredient method from the original website, I’m just made some ordinary red velvet cupcakes with cheese frosting, crushed some Oreo, heat up some dark chocolate and make it into a graveyard shape, then top it off with an edible flower 😛


Picture above are what I’ve done for Halloween last year xP


After a couple of days, JC’s parents came back with some Halloween theme Krispy Kreme doughnuts, those eyeballs though 😛

That’s all for today! Hope these Halloween theme dinner would inspire you if you’re thinking of throw a Halloween party xP Have a good weekend and will see you guys on the next post! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, some cropped, some unfilter, some filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with “Nightlife” effect –


2 thoughts on “Halloween Dinner.

    • Thanks for stop by! I was thinking of use make something out of a pumpkin for this Halloween but saw this pork ribs idea from some website then I knew I had to make this hahaha xD


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