This 7 Days.


Happy Friday guys!! Haven’t seen you guys for exactly a week! I had an awesome week off! Only from blogging thou :’) Wish I was actually had a week off from everything! Who doesn’t want it? Hehe 😛

Just a quick post of my highlights in this 7 days by showing you guys some photos. Most of them are food pics, yup, typical foodie 😛


↑ 10 Oct (Fri) – Quick dinner, pan fried potato, bacon and onion with walnut, baby spinach and shaved parmesan cheese. 😛




↑ 11 Oct (Sat) – Attended an induction, we had to write a positive word that can describe ourselves which has to be starts with the first letter of our name, that’s actually quite tricky! I couldn’t think of any except “Silly”, so I wrote that first, then I quickly Google it, and found “Steady” so I changed it. Among all those words shown from Google, I think that word is the best to describe myself, because the hectic at work it is, the faster, better and steady I am. Of course I’m still steady most of the time hehe 😛

Then had a Skype chat with JC, his cat (Rex) such a photobomber hahahaha xD

Then, dinner at Bistro Felix with JC’s family for farewell his sister found a new job at Sydney so she’ll be moving back to the East Coast to start a new adventure.


↑ 12 Oct (Sun) – Parents went to our half related cousin’s cake shop and came home with soooo many yummy desserts. Best way to ended my Sunday. 😀

wp_ss_20141013_0002[1]3WP_20141013_17_38_27_Pro (2) (2)

↑ 13 Oct (Mon) – The feeling of being 1 of the 5 winners out of 61 competitors, totally made my Monday morning! 😀 Breakfast: Sliced roast chicken, salami, baby spinach, cheese and garlic aioli in a toasted bread roll. High-tea-kind-of-Lunch: Desserts from half related cousin. Fake-artsy-Dinner: Crispy bacon, pork sausage and potato mash with onion gravy. 😛


↑ 14 Oct (Tues) – Oven roasted turkey from Spam + diced onion + rice + egg + salt & pepper + baby spinach + dried basil & parsley + fried shallots ( Asian fried onion ) = My random creation of fried rice 😛

WP_20141016_08_30_27_Pro (2)

↑ 15 Oct (Wed) – I am officially AN AUSSIE! 😛

Nothing really special happened on 16 Oct (Thurs), except I made some friends (should say internet friend xP) who has the same model of my car, feels awesome when you met someone has the same interest so that can talk about everything and exchange ideas xP

So that’s all for today, oh by the way! The Twilight Hawkers Market has started today! It’ll held on every Friday night till April from 4.30pm to 9 but it clash with the once in every year night market at Curtin University so I most likely will go check the Curtin’s night market out since Twilight Hawkers Market will be there every Friday night anyway 😛 Uuuhhh can’t wait to eat already xD So hope you guys have a good weekend, see you guys on the next post! Ciao! 😀

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, some cropped, some unfilter, some filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with “Nightlife” and “Vivid” effect –


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