(Update) Perth Royal Show 2014.


Tomorrow will be the last day of Perth Royal Show, also the last day of getting up at 6.30am, YEAH BOIII!! xDDDD

Just wanna warn you guys AGAIN (and again…) that before continue reading, please forgive my heaps of incorrect grammar in this post. By the time of all the photos have completely uploaded, its already pretty late at night coz of my upload speed is pretty slow, so I couldn’t bother to check my sentence and stuff x'(

I’m pretty much visited everything in the showground, except City Farmers – Animal Nursery, I’m just can’t bare with the smell 😥 Anyway, hope you guys had fun at the show this year and here’s some update photos that I took after the another post 😀


I love Lego, so I won’t give this Lego Brick Zone a miss. They’re also another new thing added to Royal Show this year. I went there day before but they closed so I came back day after. I thought it would be more stuff to see but less than I expected and mostly for kids, a little bit disappointed but don’t worry, I’ll be going to a Lego show this coming Sunday!! Woop Woop!! ;D


Kids unleashing their creativity xD


That’s a very abstract art you got there kid! I believe you have a bright future await!! 😀 *thumbs up*


Finally went to the cat pavilion but what I see was sleeping cats (some not too happy as you can see :P), or maybe they’re pretending, just wanna make people die over their effortlessly cuteness!! Hahaha xD


Bought these cannolis home but I actually have it the next morning, still very tasty even though been in the fridge overnight 😀


So the story behind this photo was this 2 alpacas in front was in some kind of fighting, then that 2 at the back was chewing grass and watching…. LOL xD


“Ok I’m lazy so Imma eat like this coz I don’t care” hahahaha xD


Naaaaawww xD


That bedroom eyes thou hahahahaha xDD


Waffle with whipped cream and maple syrup ($3.50)

That’s all for the update, sorry that I couldn’t get any street style outfit shot from the showground as I promised earlier 😦

Since tomorrow will be the last day of working at the show, I’ll definitely stay till firework show after finish my shift, 1 of my favourite girl (Niken) will be coming so we’ll be hang out around the showground, can’t wait! Especially going on those crazy rides and horror house! I love spooky thing hehe! xD Not sure if she’ll be happy with my plan thou haha ;P I’ll post another one on Monday about what we have done tomorrow, so will see you guys on Monday then! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter, no edit, just cropped –


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