Suit & Tie.


Justin Timberlake is a fashion icon of my manly side 😛

Just wanna warn you guys (Again…) that before continue reading, please forgive my super heavy incorrect grammar in this post. By the time of all the photos have completely uploaded, its already pretty late at night coz of my upload speed is pretty slow, so I couldn’t bother to check my sentence and stuff x'(

Ok, first, hit the “Play” button on this sexy music video below, let it play, and read my post while listening. Oh well you can watch the vid if you want hehe ;P ♪♫ “Let me show you where my toothpaste~~~~” ♪♫ HAHAHAHAHAHA xDDDD


Yup, most of you have already know that JT is on his world tour. He’ll make every girls scream like there’s no tomorrow at the Perth Arena on coming Wednesday and Thursday ( 8th & 9th Oct). I wish I could go, sooooo wanna listen to all my favourite songs (include the one above) in person, but I’m saving up for my travel on January so I have no choice but have to skip it. I know I should see him once in a life time, but I know I’ll see him some other year xP

So, what you ladies and gentlemen gonna wear to his concert? Since I’m saving money, I’ll just reuse what I have in my closet instead of spend any mula. Here’s what I would wear to his concert. 🙂


That’s the only white shirt I have, if there’s other option I would go for those classic short sleeves ones 🙂


Bow Tie in Check.


Bomber Jacket in PU.


Cross Body Bag with Lock.


Aztec High Waisted Skinny Jeggings.


My favourite Jeffrey Campbell Everly PL Boots.


Black Skinny Jeggings. (Similar: $, $$, $$$)


Printed t-shirt.


Arrow Necklace.


Stussy Speech Bubble Clutch.


Pink Madras Check Shirt.


Haven’t been wearing this DUBSTEP Studded Hi-Top Trainers (Similar) for about 2 years already! ><

Le hat/cap I’d top the first and second outfit off with:

image2xxl image1xxl (1)


Just click on the pic to where to get them 🙂




Le hat/cap I’d top this outfit off with:

image1xxl image2xxl (1)

Just click on the pic to where to get them 🙂

The jewellery I’ll wear are most likely my favourite Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch and Bracelet, totally can’t go wrong with them 😛 I forgot to take a close shot of the necklaces (Similar: $, $$, $$$) 😛 I’m not too sure about the idea of wearing a hat to the concert coz at the end of the night your head will be pouring sweat from the crazy dance off hahaha xD Anyway, I’ve owned that lace midi skirt (Similar: $$, $$$) since Autumn but I still never wear it, it’s still brand new! I’m just not ready to wear it, not until I achieve my ideal body shape ><

Thanks again for checking out this new post, hopefully I manage to put up another outfit post on Friday coz I still haven’t take any photos for it yet, will see till the day comes 😦 Anyway, hope you guys like this post, see you later! Ciao! xP

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter, cropped and photoshopped the background to white –


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