Perth Royal Show 2014.


Almost the day of going to Perth Royal Show? Here’s a quick post of my walk through in the showground after I finished work at the show these few days, hope this will make you more excited 😛

Just wanna warn you guys that before continue reading, please forgive my super heavy incorrect grammar in this post. By the time of all the photos have completely uploaded, its already pretty late at night coz of my upload speed is pretty slow, so I couldn’t bother to check my sentence and stuff x'(


I had corn dogs (2 for $8) and chips($7 What. The. Hell Oo) from Taurus Burger Co when I’m on my break (day 2 working at the show), corn dog was quite good and if you don’t mind a $7 super-ordinary-chips then yea help yourself and go ahead 🙂


Watching some bike show while on break 🙂


Beautiful and pretty cakes made by creative and talented people at Cookery Pavilion, too awesome to eat! :Q






Where you’ll focus on this photo? My new shoes or the mess? LOL 😛


Dogs competition and show. I wanted to go to the cat show but they closed when I’m just arrived the entrance, tsk! 😦


I am so gonna ride it if I’m still a kid hahahaha! xD


He was begging for more petting from his owner, sooo cute!! xD





Wanted to go in but the smells almost killed me :’)

That’s all for the sideshow alley and entertainment, let’s start the journey of exploring food trucks and shops xP


Found the must-try food truck from my favourite dude-food restaurant, The Merrywell.


Chef was in a good mood and dancing around 😛


You guys should give their Pulled Pork Slider & Fries ($15) a try, they was awesome and worth the mula!! :Q


The next day I tried their Wagyu Mini Beef Burgers & Fries ($15), wasn’t as good as the Pulled Pork Slider though ><


A very famous pork ribs shop in the showground, have been there for a very long time. Tried their pork ribs last year but have totally forgotten the taste, can’t wait to try them again before this funfair is over, otherwise gonna wait till next year 😛


Forgot to take a photo of how the outside of Brownes Dairy Pavilion looks like but I need to take a shot of this, kind of funny though xP


My first time tried their banana flavoured milk 😛



This is the IGA Fresh from WA Pavilion that I mentioned on my another post about they have cheap food 🙂



Some cooking demonstration was on 🙂


This is the $1 sausage stall that I mentioned before, unfortunately that they have gone up to $1.50 each, and felt like the size had shrink a little bit too 😥 I was having a beef sausage, wanted to try pork but they’ve ran out ><



I don’t remember was Cheese Buddy in the showground last year, but their cheesy balls (3 for $3 or 6 for $5) was quite enjoyable! 😀


Sampling some new double espresso and choc chill from Brownes, I found double espresso was alright, nothing too special. But I like the choc chill hehe 😛


I tried the Pesto Arancini, pretty nice, will try the cheese one some other time 😛


I came here with JC last year, we shared a Iced Coffee and boy they tasted really yum so I have to come back again! 😛


After I got my drink from Country Cappuccino, when I’m ready to leave, I saw these crowd and heard some “transformer-like” sound so I went checked it out, and saw this new thing added to Perth Royal Show this year 😛

I didn’t really pay attention at what’s around me after I got my drink and watch the robot show coz I’ve decided to go hat’s all for these first 2 days, unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone that would made me approach and ask if I can take a snapshot of their stylish outfit, probably because of the “on and off” weather 😦 Oh well, it’s only the first 2 days so hopefully my “wish” will come true 😛

Alright, that’s all for today. To whoever have been to the royal show this year, hope you guys had fun 😀 To my awesome followers, see you guys on my tomorrow’s post! Ciao! 😀

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, cropped, no filter, no edit what so ever –


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