Perth Royal Show – It’s Show Time!


It’s that time of the years again, Perth Royal Show time! 😀

I was working there last year, and I’m gonna be working in the show again this year! xD I kinda love working at the show, even though it’s quite tiring (standing for at least 10 hours, 10 – 12 hours shift, from day 1 to last day of the show) but I kinda enjoyed doing what my role was, and this year will be doing the same thing. What’s even better is all my shifts for this year are just 7 hours per shift! It’s good to not make my lower legs grow bigger and stronger coz they’re quite musclely already from Taekwando club and basketball club when I was in high school 😛


Yup, that’s what I was doing last year lol, just in case you don’t know what’s that gun thing is, it’s a ticket scanner xP

For people who are new to Perth, and would like to come to the Royal Show, here’s a Youtube video that someone recorded last year. I hope this will gives you an “approximate” idea of how the show looks like 😛


And here’s the showground map below for you guys to download, just click the map then save it to your computer. I think you’ll need to pay for the map if you request one at the information booth when you’re at the show, but don’t worry if you didn’t print the map at home or you forgot to bring it, you can always use your smart phone to snapshot the map. The map board is pretty much everywhere in the show ground so don’t worry if you can’t find one. 🙂


Everything in the show are expensive, even the food, even the ticket to enter! Even if you can get 4 dollars off the general adult ticket from purchasing it online, you’ll eventually spend the 4 bucks on something in the show anyway, so no big saving thou. Lucky for kids under 12, they’re free to enter, but must be accompanied by an adult. If you wanna leave the showground and come back again, for example, you and family/friends come in the morning/afternoon, have done/visit everything but can’t be bother to stay in the showground and do nothing till 8pm for the firework, so have decided to leave the showground then come back later, before you leave, please remember to get the special band/bracelet at the gate, you can only re-enter if you have that band/bracelet. Everyday there’s different colour band/bracelet so you can’t come back with the band/bracelet that you got from the day before.

When you get there and see some of the prices of games and stuff there, you’d probably think “nah, it’s not that expensive like Sally said”, yea, $5 per game is not that expensive, but you’ll unconsciously spend a lot if you just think $5 is not much. There was one time my friend had spent a hundred and something dollars in the show, I have no freakin’ idea what he had spent it on, but he was with his girlfriend so…. yea 😛 Anyway, here’s a tip for you guys who haven’t been to Perth Royal Show (also for those who have been there but didn’t know this tips), if you’re a tight a$$ or just don’t wanna spend too much: come on the last day of the show, everything like games, rides and show bags will be cheaper, but the cons for that is all the left over show bags are not that good, they usually are the meh goodies bags, good ones have already long gone 😦

You won’t be able to find very cheap food in the show, but if you don’t wanna spend too much on food or your not really fussy with what you gonna eat, you can go to IGA Fresh From WA Pavilion, there’s some food stalls selling sausages for like $1 ea, good portion of steak chunks with gravy and jam $3 or $5 for a mix deal, which is steak and sausage. You can save quite a lot on food at that pavilion, it’s a place I go everytime I’m on my lunch break 😛 BY THE WAY, these prices are last year’s price, not sure if the price this year have gone up or not 😦

Here’s some photos I took on my lunch break when I was working there last year, unfortunately I don’t remember most of their names on the menu so please forgive me 😦


You’ll see Taurus Burger Co. everywhere in the showground, I’ve tried one of their burgers (I remember it starts with an “M”) It was quite good though, would recommend you guys to try it if you guys have ran out of options. I don’t really recommend you guys to get their wedges. Nothing wrong with the taste, it’s just you can spend the $4+ on something else to be honest. 😦 That cheesy chips was just alright.


I’m not sure if Jean Pierre Sancho will be there for this year’s show or not, but if they do, and you have extra cash, try their burger! (around $6 if I’m not wrong from memory)


The Stuffed Spud has been in the showground for many years, not recommend you to use up your $10+ on it, unless you’re out of option too ><


Try their roasted lamb roll, for me it tasted good, not sure for you guys though 😛


This is the $5 mix deal I’ve mentioned earlier. The shorter sausage is from another stall which is selling $1 sausages.


The only pic that have prices on, now you can tell the food in the showground are not very cheap, even this churro. Oh well, I love desserts so I sucked it up :’P


They have Krispy Kreme in the showground last year, whenever I walked pass there’s always a huge queue. But staff can skip the queue by early morning before the gate open for public and we can get those yummy doughnuts freshly out from the fryer, BEST JOB EVAAAA!! hahahaha 😛


You’ll see this food stall everywhere in the show ground too. I think it was around $5 for this 12cm long waffles with some cream in the middle.


I-don’t-remember-the-name bratwurst from some bratwurst van, average.

I know it could be a pain in the bum too if you have young kids, which mean you’ll spend extra, but don’t worry, there’s a program called Follow the Yellow Brick Road – it’s a complete show package of games, fun activities for children at each stop, lots of giveaways, value deals like buy 1 cheese toastie and get 1 free or buy 2 fresh banana smoothies for only $4 at Brownes Dairy Pavilion, get close to animals and more.

I’m not really recommending you guys to get here by driving, coz your wallet is gonna feel more painful by spending $10 – $15 for parking but I know it’s inconvenient to not drive there if you have kids or you’ve won/bought a lot of stuff in the show. So, get there by public transport or drive? The choice is yours 🙂

Oh well, at the end of the day, it’s not all about how much money you’ve spent there, but about how much fun you had with the family, the laughters, the little achievements from wining some games, the fun date, your success plan for when everyone is busy looking at the fireworks then you can grab the girl/guy that you’ve been wanted to ask them out for so long then kiss them or hold their hands, or grab them closer to you 😛 Then when you leave, you’ll probably see me at the gate, and say “Hope you guys had fun! Good night and have a safe trip home” with a big smile, although I’m tired behind the smiles, but I’ll forget the tiredness when I see you guys leaving with fun and smiles. Oh well you guys will probably be tired too haha ;P



Some shots I took at work 🙂

When I was working at the showground last year, I’ve seen soooo many stylish people. So besides working at the show this year, I’ll also try to randomly pick some stylish people to take some shots of their outfit. Hopefully it’s gonna work, even if it won’t, I’ve already prepared myself to get rejected. But still hopefully I can manage to get a minimum of 3-5 street style outfit for my 1st Friday post of October 😛

So, to whoever are going to the show tomorrow, hope you guys have fun and please have a safe drive coz the traffic will be quite terrible/frustrating around the show ground. 😦 Thank you my awesome followers for checking out this new post, sorry for the “I don’t remember this”, “I don’t remember that”, I don’t have a good memory, all I should say brain? lol xP There’s some changes for my posting schedule for next week, I’ll be posting 3 posts next week which will be on Mon, Wed and Fri, it’s only for next week 😛 So, see you guys on my Monday post then! Ciao! 😀

– Photos taken with Sony Xperia S, filtered via PhotoWonder App with different effects –

Claremont Showground

1 Greyhounds Rd

Claremont 6010

Western Australia.


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