Diner One.


Have you been to Taiwan? If you have, you definitely have been recommended to go to some popular night market in Taiwan, and of course, you definitely have tried Tawainese style crispy chicken. If you’re missing the taste of that unforgetable crispy chicken, this is the place for you 😛

I lived in Taiwan for 1 and half years for studies, I’ve tried most of the traditional Taiwanese food. My favourite place to solve my dinner problem was the night market that’s held every night near my dorm, fried crispy chicken is my must-get food from there :Q

After migrant to Australia, I’ve missed Taiwan food so much. After living in Perth for 7 years, I’ve finally found this place to cure my Taiwan-food-craving lol 😛 Diner One, has became me and JC’s dinner place every once a week 😛


Click the photos below for a better look of their menu 🙂


Don’t forget to help yourself when taking some serviettes, cutlery and water after placing your order at the counter. 🙂


Crispy chicken with rice, pickled salad and braised egg. This dish looks quite small in photos but it’s actually large in person, even larger and thicker than a regular size of a chicken breast fillet. 😛 The crispiness and flavour is exactly same to what I’ve had in Taiwan, felt like I’m back in Taiwan again! 😀


After recommending JC to try it, this dish has became his all time favourite, he always order it everytime we come here. 😛


Braised Pork Rice. This is the dish that I usually would get when I was in Taiwan, not because its tasty but it’s the cheapest dish in the menu too! The cheapest price you can get in Taiwan is AUD$2, highest are probably AUD$3 to $4. If you convert AUD$5 to Taiwan dollar, man you can have 65+ bowls of this 😛 Why? AUD$1 = NT$25 – $27, you do the maths hehe xP


Taiwanese Chicken Nuggets. You can definitely see this everywhere in the night market, even some restaurant (not high class ones of course). Compared to crispy chicken, I like crispy chicken better than the nuggets coz they’re quite salty, you’ll find them salty in any food stall in the night market too, it is the way they season it.


Taiwanese Pork Burger. 2 slices of big, fat, juicy braised pork with some pickled cabbage and sweet, grounded peanuts. That flavour combination of the sweetness from the bun, salty from braised pork and slightly sourness from the pickled cabbage… I can feel my mouth producing some saliva 😛 It’s not too filling for your tummy though, so help yourself to get 2 of them haha xD


Shredded Pork Noodles. It’s actually similar to Braised Pork Rice except this is noodle instead of rice. After trying this noodle-version one, it has became my usual dish at Diner One.


Fried Mantou (bun) with condensed milk. Our usual dessert every time we have dinner there. I’ve tried this at some other places, and no matter how the other places do it, this dessert has never failed me. It’s just like glazed doughnuts in Asian style hehe 😛

A very important note for whoever wanna go there, they don’t accept card payments so please remember to bring some cash 🙂 Anyway, thanks again for checking this new post out, will see you guys on my Friday post! Ciao! 😀

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter or edit –

Diner One

6A Webber St

Willlagee 6156

Western Australia


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