Custom Cars and Coffee: September Meet.

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Kick started my Sunday (14 Sept) by seeing all those sexy subis at Subaru Invasion 2.0, balanced off my excitement by attending my friend’s birthday bbq party at beautiful South Perth Foreshore, then got back to exciting/hyper mode with another awesome car event, Custom Cars & Coffee. Yup, best day evaaaa hahaha xDDD


I wish I had taken photos to show everyone how beautiful Perth city skyline is when I was waiting for friends to arrive, but I had to save some batteries for the Custom Cars & Coffee 😦 I stayed till 1.30pm, embarrassingly apologize to the birthday girl that I couldn’t stay longer, and then I ran like a rocket. The event was set at 2pm, so from where I was it’s a 30min or so drive to get there, and I don’t like being late, so… I have to speed :’)

I could already see heaps of nice cars while on the way to Midvale Speed Dome, also saw some Subis from the first event I’ve just been to, which isn’t a surprise at all 😛 I arrived the entrance road, and damn, the queue was super long, but this is the first time that I didn’t feel frustrated in the traffic, coz I was in a good spot to check out those axxes….. oh wait, I mean car trunks lol 😛

I followed the crowd and walked to the venue after parking my car next to my dream car (except I want a WRX STi) :P. Every custom car that drove past and the closer I was reaching the venue, it made my heart started beating rapidly or go into hyper mode like I just had 2-3 cans of energy drinks :O

When I finally got to the venue, confronted with classic Mustangs at the gate; I could feel the goose bumps starting come up. After that, it was like Skrillex or Sknife Party dropped the bass in my head. I can’t even use “cool”, “awesome”, “sexy”, “dope” or anything else to describe every cars I saw in this event. 😛

You’ll notice I didn’t censor those standard number plates except that photo on top coz I’ve noticed that most of the people leave it on, even the photographers. If they didn’t really care that means I shouldn’t too. Ok, I’ll stop talking here and let you guys enjoy browsing these photos. 🙂


Although the event is called Custom Cars and Coffee, I ended up not getting any coffee coz the line was too long, and those sexy cars attracted me too much that I couldn’t even feel the thirst until I left so yea 😛

Alrite, that’s all, hope you guys liked I arranged the photos of this sexy Lambo as the ending. But it’d be better to end this post by watch these cars moving! Check the vid out from Jack Fischer Photography made for this event! 😛


If you would love to go to this event to check the hot cars out or you wanna show off yours but you’re not in Perth BUT!!! you’re in Melbourne, good news for you, their next event will be at MELBOURNE!!! 😀 For more info, just click the poster below, it’ll lead you to their website 😛


There will be another car event on October, I’m not gonna hint here till closer to the date, or follow me on Instagram then you’ll find out hahahaha xD It’ll be complete my life if I can find Mitsubishi (my second favourite car brand) meet up/cruise event in Perth 😀 (No, it’s not a hint for the next car event LOL! xD) Anyway, thanks again for checking out this new post, hope you car lovers enjoyed what you’ve seen in the Monday post and today’s post, will see you guys on my Tuesday post! Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, cropped, some unfilter, some filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with “Nightlife” effect –



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