Subaru Invasion 2.0 2014

WP_20140914_11_28_38_Pro (2)

I can’t believe I was there, surrounded by all the sexy Subarus. xP

It is extremely hard to find the best photo for the cover of this post, coz they are all beyond awesome! I ended up using this one, not because it’s awesome, it’s because I like the “feeling” of this shot 😛 For the guy on this photo, hey, sorry that I didn’t ask for your permission to take this shot. >< So, after been to the previous night cruise and had some experience, I’ve finally become brave enough to walk around and take photos instead of being shy, and missed the chance.

This will be the shortest blog post I’ve ever posted, I got nothing much to say coz there’s no need to, so I’ll let you guys enjoy browsing these photos. 🙂

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And soon, something else than Subie x)


And last, here’s a short clip of they leaving for the cruise to their second stop, which was at Fremantle. 🙂 Oh yea, please watch it in HD 😛

Thanks again for checking out this new post and will see you guys on my next post on Friday. Ciao. 😛

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, cropped, some unfilter, some filtered via Nokia Creative Studio app with “Nightlife” effect –


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