Pleased To Meet You.


I always wanted to come here when I found them on Urbanspoon. After seeing those mouth-watering photos, it increased my temptation more than ever. Then I finally went…… after 1 and half year or so…… Sorry I’m late, but oh well, at least I came hehe 😛

Anyone remember I went to a night cruise? So before the night cruise, me and JC came here to have a quick dinner. I know this place is popular and always filled up with crowd in just a minute, so we planned to arrive early. We arrived at 6.30pm, I already saw they’re so full before we stepped in. We were greeted by a smiley waitress, and we were soooo lucky that we scored the last 2 seats at the bar WOOP WOOP! 😀

The smiley waitress lead us to our seats, I sat down with excitement coz I love bar seats, and so happy with where we were seated. Our seats were at the end of the bar, a super perfect spot to view the whole interior of this restaurant. I quickly took photos so I didn’t disturb other people. >_<


I love every interior detail of this restaurant, simple yet stylish interior always attracts me; a good looking restaurant is part of the reason why I would visit, sorry if this reason sounds dumb 😛


Before we came here, I already check out their menu on their website, unfortunately they didn’t provide a drinks menu on their website so we took a lil time on deciding what to drink. I usually get cider or a cocktail when I dine in a western style restaurant, so I just skipped through the others. I ordered myself a watermelon-something-cocktail, JC got the something-cider, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to remember the names. >_<


After placing the order, you can choose to pay as you go or after the meal, we chose to pay first. 🙂


So here’s the JC’s something-cider and my watermelon-something-cocktail. 😛 The alcohol taste was stronger than the watermelon flavour, I would prefer if there’s more watermelon taste though, or equal. JC’s drinks was not bad, it was a nice, dry-ish cider. 🙂


So, what came first was their 100g of Coal Roasted Suckling Pig, freshly sliced off from the poor piggy. When you eat the flesh by itself, it tasted like normal roast pork you have at any Chinese BBQ restaurant, but with that unknown sauce (yea I forgot what sauce is that), it comes alive! xD That sauce has a strong lemon lime taste, and it has garlic and some herbs too.


Pulled Pork Slider. I COULD NOT (!!) wait for this one even when I’m just looking at the photos that others have uploaded on Urbanspoon before I came here to try it in person, but it broke my heart 😥 I wish I could find something special about this but I couldn’t, the only thing I can comment about it is probably the mayo is pretty tasty 😦


Beef Tongue Ruben Bao. While I’m feeling disappointed by the slider, this baby lifted my mood up 😛 The sweetness from the Bao, that tasted-like-McDonald’s cheese, that slightly crispy at the edge beef tongue, that I-don’t-remember sauce, mmmm… I can have a dozen of these. :Q I think nothing can go wrong with whatever you put in a Bao, they always tasted freakin’ good 😛


Salt & Pepper Squid Banh Mhi. I actually had read posts from some food blogger about their dine-in experience here. This is also one of the dishes that they’ve tried; their comment about this was “Average”. They also said we can actually just get some Salt & Pepper Squid take away from a Dim Sum Restaurant then stuff them into a toasted hot-dog bun with some veggie, and it would be even tastier than their Banh Mhi. Sorry but I have to agree with what the other food bloggers said, this Banh Mhi was just ok for me 😦


We finished off our meal by sharing this dessert, S’mores. It is the highlight of the night. It was chocolate mousse, toasted marshmallow, ginger cookies and I don’t know what are the white thing is, its creamy and tasted like caramel. If we weren’t in a hurry since I don’t wanna be late to the car cruise, I think I would order another one for myself hehe 😛

I know reviews are very important to anything, good/bad reviews would definitely increase/decrease the preference. I hate giving bad reviews, but I hate going against my feelings either 😦 Even if I gave bad reviews, it doesn’t mean what I’ve experience here would be same to anyone. That pulled pork slider could be a wonderful dish for someone else, that Bao I liked so much could be an awful/meh dish for someone else too. Nothing can make anyone 100% happy and satisfied, so why not just enjoy the process/experience? 🙂 Although I’ve given bad reviews on some of the dishes, I still would come back, coz I’ve enjoyed myself in the atmosphere, some of the food I liked there, and yes, their dessert! Hahaha 😛 Would recommend people to give this place a try 🙂

You don’t have to make a reservation, everyone is welcome to walk-in, but I recommend that you arrive early to beat the queue though. 🙂 You can see more awesome, mouth-watering food photos posted by other people on Urbanspoon, or follow and like their Facebook fanpage and Instagram for the latest news. 😛

Thanks again for checking out this new post and will see you guys on my Tuesday post. Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with Nokia Lumia 1020, cropped and filtered via Nokia Creative Studio app with “Nightlife” and “Pure” effect –

Pleased To Meet You

38 Roe St, Northbridge

Perth, Western Australia

MON – THURS 17:00 – 00:00

FRI – SAT 12:00 – 00:00

SUN 12:00 – 23:00


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