Cirkus Charm.


Whenever or wherever there’s a market happening in Perth, Cirkus Charm never failed to make people stop by and browse, 1 of 3 people buy something, and leave with smiles. 🙂

Jack is my cousin, he lived in Melbourne for a couple of years then moved to Perth. After a super long time that we haven’t see each other; what I saw is he have turned into a Melbournian (Melbournites)! I’ve noticed that most of the Melbournian has the similar yet unique styles, which are quite retro and hipster, Meet Me On The Streets can give you a Melbourne street styles tour if you wonder how does Melbournian’s style looks like. This is my favourite street style that they spotted – so simple, cute and fun! 😛

We are the same age but I’m already impressed by what he has been doing for a living besides his full time job. He has his own brand of handmade craft called Cirkus Charm. All his inspiration of making all the artsy birthday (or any occasion) cards, beautiful brooches, uber cute earrings and pretty necklaces are from his interest in geometric patterns and retro.

Have a look at these photos below that I assisted him with at the August Polka Dot Vintage Market.


Liked his stuff? Wanna get some? Head to Etsy and go nuts! Hope you won’t struggle in which to choose xP Don’t forget to “Like” his Facebook fanpage or Follow his Instagram for the latest news and which market he’ll be appear! 😀

Thanks again for checking my new post out! Enjoy your Friday and weekend, and see you guys on my Tuesday post! Yup, you read it right, Monday’s posts will be scheduled to Tuesday, and my Friday’s post will just sticks with Friday. So, again, see you guys on Tuesday! xD

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, cropped and filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with Nightlife effect –


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