Officially Spring.


It’s Spring time! Besides the impression of Spring being a blooming season, I think Spring is also a season for sweet colours or should I call it Pastel colours? Hmm I don’t know, I’m not good at the names hehe 😛 So what I wore to welcome the first day of Spring is Pink and White. 🙂

The weekend that I did this outfit photoshoot was a lovely sunny day; it was about 22’c, warm sunshine and a beautiful breeze. I love this kind of weather and temperature. 🙂 I wasn’t feeling well on that weekend but I felt like going out, so I came to this park which is only 5 to 8 mins drive from my house.

There’s a saying in Asian society (I think it’s the same to Western society) where when we are sick, some of the virus that we caught will come out from our body and hang around the room while we are recovering. So when we are able to walk around we should go out to absorb some sunlight and get some fresh air, or open the blinds and windows to let the sunlight come in to kill the virus and circulate some fresh air into the room too. We will even change the bed sheet and everything to clean ones if necessary. Not just to clean but also brighten up our mood too. 🙂


*I’m spying…* Anyone want some roasted Peking duck? LOL, you know I’m just kidding, right? 😛 *where’s my gun?* hahahahahahaha xD


I immediately dropped my tripod to get closer to take photos when I saw those huge Kois hanging around so close to the lake bank. I was surprised coz I never expect I’ll see Kois in the lake except those ducks and birds. 😛


I can’t tell if they are Peach blossom, I always confuse peach blossom and cherry blossom, I’m bad at recognizing flowers and trees, I only know they are pretty and beautiful 😛


I don’t remember where did I read “varsity” are trending for this new season, since I also got this light weight varsity cardigan I might as well follow the trend haha xD

I don’t wear white clothing a lot, especially white jeans. I’ve started to get myself into white tees since a couple years ago. Before that, my closet was full of black tees coz black is a colour to give people the illusion of looking skinnier, but to be honest, it is wrong. Oh well, it does makes people look slimmer a little bit but it still won’t cover up the “truth” so yea. I’ve accept the truth of I’m not skinny but I still wanna cover it :’) I know you probably wanna tell me to do something about it even I keep asking the same thing. It’s coz I’m an Aries; most of the Aries has poor endurance, especially losing weight and work out 😛 So I’ve told myself if I don’t wanna work out, that’s fine, just don’t increase the weight. This idea already made me slowly lost 6kg so far 😛


This is my very first pink cardigan that I’ve mentioned in my previous post, it feels fluffy yet very light weight. It looks suitable for Winter but you’ll freeze if you wear it outdoors in Winter, coz its like a open-knit cardigan, so you’ll be shiver when the cold breeze blows to your back. 😛 Details: ASOS T-Shirt with Frill Side and Amour Print ( Sold Out ). White Jeans.


I’m not sure if any of you have noticed something weird. I know I don’t have to point it out but I’m those type of person who love to point out my own mistake first before people mention it. 😛 Yup, I’ve been wearing my hat the wrong side in some of the photos hahaha xP


Details: Hats from Cotton On. ( Sold Out )


Details: Casio Men’s White Strap Digital Watch.


Details: Owl with Crown necklace from some shop in Melbourne. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 from Christmas present.


Details: Disc Charm Bracelet ( Similar: $$, $ ).


This is the shoes that I’ve also mentioned in the previous post. Its Faziah Stud and Diamante Trim Flatform Trainer from BOOHOO, but they are already sold out, help yourself at checking these ( $$$, $$ ) similar ones out. 🙂

Looking at the green scenery, feel the surrounding changing to a new look, “hello” and “smile” from/to strangers who are jogging or just having a walk like me, gone Paparazzi mode and “spying” creatures doing their thang (lol xP), I’m glad I found a new place to chill at, will come back again if I’m not feeling lazy lol *shake my head* 😛

Thanks again for checking out this new post, hope everyone in Australia won’t get too sick due to the change, and a lil dramatic weather. Same to you guys at the other side of the world yo! Take care, keep yourself warm, and will see you guys on my next post on Friday. Ciao. ;D

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, cropped and filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with Nightlife effect –


Alexandria Boulevard

Canning Vale 6155,

Western Australia.


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