I bet anyone who has seen me in person will be like “pffftt!” when they see all the photos on this post, coz this is not how I look like in real life.  I wish I did look like this in real life; cute, pretty and skinnier. Or at least skinnier haha. :’P

Welcome to my last Winter outfit; Australia will be officially in Spring in 2 days. 🙂

Some people from the other side of the world are envying we’re changing to a warmer season while they’re are getting colder in their country, but there’s also some people ( including me ) that are also envying them too. I prefer their season though; Spring starts on January then Winter on December, that’s how the season order should be. 😛

In my Seductive Street Scene Saturday Night Cruise post I said I didn’t like cute stuff, also pink coloured. Until the age of 22 or 23, I started to like something pretty, then cute stuff, and finally started to accept something pink. First it started from a pink polka dot slippers, pink shorts, pink high top studded shoes ( will be on next post ), pink fluffy jumper, pink cardigan that you’ll see in this post, and last is a pink varsity cardigan which you’ll also see in my next post. Oh yeah some pink wallpapers and stuff in my room that you can see in these photos below. 😛

Yup, I didn’t like cute stuff when I was little, but ironically; I love cats 😛 Some of the scars on my forearms are some kind of “proof” how much I love cats; not scars like scratched by cats or course. These scars were from one time ( still a tom boy kid lol xP ) climbing over a fence ( made of steel wire ) to save a kitten in a ditch. I bet everyone would do the same. Unfortunately my parents don’t likes cats, especially my mum. There’s some superstitions from old times where they said cats are evil, especially black ones; they said they bring bad lucks like crows…………….. *yawn* THE HELL I CARE? :/ So I always got bruises on my legs from getting hit by the cane or hours of lessons from my mum whenever I play with stray cats. That was when I was little; now they don’t really care if I play with cats but will “blah blah blah” about it like “omg you come home with so much fur on your clothes!” ( JC has 2 cats ) or “you don’t worry you’ll get bacteria from them?”……….. THE HELL I CARE? They’re cute, full stop, end of story lol. 😛


Just in case anyone likes that black bunny, it’s a 12 inch plush doll from Dooodolls. His name is Master Ear and he’s my 19th birthday present from my big sis. 😛


Yup, another T-Shirt that gave me the impulse to click the “Add to bag” button. Oh well, it happens quite a lot, I’m such a shopaholic hahahahha xD I was supposed to wear the tights that’s shown in the picture below for this outfit but I couldn’t find it in my closet. I think I chuck it in the bin coz it ripped, so I ended up just wearing an ankle socks instead. >_<


Details: ASOS Multipack Heart Necklaces. ( Sold out, Similar Winged Heart necklaces here: $$$, $$, $ )


I’ve owned this black faux fur hooded jacket for more than 2 years, I usually wear it at home. Then it was trending in Winter this year, but I didn’t really wear it out coz too many chics were wearing fluffy jackets on the street. I know the girls got the “gaahh” feeling inside when seeing someone wearing similar stuff so I better not make them more unhappy lol. 😛 I bought this jacket from a Taiwanese clothing website, help yourself to check these similar ones out. Don’t worry; they’re in English haha 🙂 ( $$$, $$, $ )


Covering half of my face is one of my signature poses. 😛


Details: ASOS Culottes with Frill Hem.


Details: ASOS Cardigan with Lace Heart Elbow Patch.


Details: ASOS SOLDIER Heels ( Sold out, Similar Here ). ASOS Spot Ankle Socks ( Sold out, Similar here: $$$, $$, $ )

Tonight is gonna be a busy night, I gotta check out Winter Supper Club in the city since it’s their last day; can’t wait to eat! 😛 Then I got invited to another night cruise at 7.45pm, but was not sure if I can make it or not coz apparently it’s gonna be a big night out and a few different stops (a bit of distance too) to go. Plus I’m not sure if I’ve got enough fuel and camera battery life for it but I’m so tempted to join 😥

Anyway, thanks again for checking out my new post! Hope you guys have a happy Friday, and have an amazing weekend. Can’t wait to publish my Monday post coz I’m quite happy with the photos I took there, so see you guys on Monday then. Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, just cropped and filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with Nightlife effect-


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