*Eating a cupcake with left hand and typing with right hand* Cupcakes make me happy, full stop, end of story. *OMNOMNOMNOMNOM!* hahahahaha xD

There are soooo many things that can make a person happy, mine is super easy; bring me some yummy food or desserts then I’m happy. This does not apply for huge fights or arguments, you might need to give me an endless supply of food or desserts to make it up hahahaha 😛

I was feeling lazy and craving for cakes or cupcakes ( Yes, I’m always lazy and craving for sweet stuff 😛 ), so I searched for some cafes near my house, then I found LuvaCupaCake on Urbanspoon. After seeing one of the pictures of their window display full of cupcakes, I immediately got changed and headed to this place. 😛


I arrived at around 12-something-PM, I was worried they’ll be crowded but I came at the perfect time. They weren’t too crowded, which is perfect for me to take photos, but the con is that most of the cupcakes are gone, gaaaah 😥

This shop is run by a family, I was greeted by their shinning smiles and energetic “Hi Love!” when I step into the shop, they remind me of people who I worked with at my previous job – fun and lovely people 🙂


They told me I should’ve come earlier coz this is all the flavours left in the display, I started to regret since I should’ve known this place earlier, but it’s still not too late xP After I got the permission to take photos, I started to take them like I treated myself at home, they were also happy that I’m going to blog about their shop and cupcakes. 😛


I’ve ordered myself a box of 2 cupcakes which are Chocolate Vanilla cupcake and Vanilla cupcake for take away. Plus a Red Velvet cupcake, Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake and English Breakfast tea for dine-in. 🙂


I have to say that their cupcakes are very different to others that I’ve tried; the cream is so soft like I barely can feel it. I didn’t ask if they use butter icing cream or whipped cream. It felt like half butter half whipped cream, I love that feeling when I bite into it, not like some others; all I can immediately taste is the heavy butter cream. Well, I don’t really mind butter icing cream, but after trying their cupcakes, I probably will prefer their type of icing 😛

The cake itself is soooo moist, fresh and generous! Most of the cupcakes I’ve tried from other shops, their cakes are approx 20 -25mm of cake, like not even reaching the tip of the case, then heaps of icing on top, but you can see the difference between LuvaCupaCake’s cupcake. Their cakes are overloaded from the case; the icing is almost 40mm tall. I should’ve took a photo with a ruler next to it when I was having my take away cupcakes 😛


I started to regret getting 2 for dine-in coz that Red Velvet was so filling me up, should’ve got this Chocolate Peanut Butter as a take away instead. I was going to do my blog while enjoying the tea and cupcake, but for some reason, my internet couldn’t work so I left, and also told them that this place is gonna be my coffee and dessert spot. 😛


I didn’t go home after that; I went to do some photoshoots for my Spring outfit instead. The cupcakes were staying in my car for almost 2 and half hours in about 18’c ( highest 20’c ). I also didn’t put them in the fridge immediately after I got home coz I got distracted by my computer, then I finally put them in the fridge after about 30 mins ( or 40 ). The next day I took one out to let it “defrost” to room temperature before I ate it. To my surprise, they are still moist and fresh; the icing is slightly dry on the outside which is quite common for overnight cakes but was still creamy and soft on the inside, wow! :O

It may sound like advertising and overrating but I’m not. Just like some people like cupcakes from Kustom Cupcakes ( or some others ) but they’re sickening sweet for me, and for some people might think LuvaCupaCake are ordinary or also sickening sweet but they are perfect for me. Have to say this again, everyone has different taste buds or has a high-end tongue, I’m just reviewing what I’ve experienced. If anyone had a bad experience from them, sorry about that but I had a great time there, and I’ll definitely go back ;P

They also take orders for custom made cakes for any occasion so jump on to their website to make a request or browse the cakes gallery, or follow and like their Facebook fanpage for the latest news 😛

Thanks again for checking out my new post and will see you guys in my next post on Friday. Ciao again. ;D

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with Nightlife effect and cropped –


Unit 3/97 Forest Lakes Drive

6108 Thornlie

Perth, Western Australia

MON – FRI 07:00 – 16:00

SAT 07:00 –14:00


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