I can’t resist anything cute and fluffy, especially animals. I was browsing some random video on YouTube to kill some boredom then I found this (pls beware of the cuteness overload). 😛 That fluffy tail, beautiful orange winter coat, cute funny voices and playful like a dog. I can’t believe what I’ve just watched! 😛

Here’s another random one, its so rare to see 3 different types of animals getting along so well, not to mention that they are from the wild, except the cats of course! 😛

*Can’t stop watching other videos*… OK let’s get back to work… Welcome to my last 2nd Winter outfit post! 😛

I’ve been participating in my cousin’s business who makes artsy birthday (or any occasion) cards, beautiful brooches, cute earrings and pretty necklaces. He’s been selling his stuff in some market. I will post about his amazing craft in a new post, can’t wait to show you guys his stuff. 😛

He rented a stall unit at the Polka Dot Vintage Market and I’m excited to do the usual stuff. I love to dress up to match the theme of an event; I kind of had a headache about what to wear for this market. I’ve seen some people put on a pretty vintage frock at the last market, but I don’t often do vintage outfits so I don’t really have the style knowledge for the 1950’s era.

I ended up inspired from my cousin’s outfit style and his craft. Here’s a picture of my cousin, so that you know what kind of style I’m talking about. 😛


Since a shirt under a jumper is also my kind of style, I might as well stick with it. I searched the perfect jumper on ASOS to wear to this market, then I found the jumper that I immediately clicked the “Add to bag” button. 😛


As I said on my first outfit post, I’m self-conscious and shy in-person, so I usually search for quiet places to do my photoshoot. I was a bit lazy so I searched somewhere close to my house, then I remembered always passing by this not too noticeable lane whenever I go to JC’s place so I decided to do ma thang here haha 😛 By the way, that’s a girl on her bike 😛

This place may seem not crowded at all, but there were some cars coming out/go in from/to their garage. I felt a little awkward when in the middle of photoshoot. Also, I was worried if I looked suspicious ><


So here it is, the jumper that made me immediately click the “Add to bag” button hehe, and by the way, it’s a guy’s jumper (Again) haha 😛 That’s my “awkward but had to act cool” face when some cars pulled out from their garage while my camera was counting down, so I’m like “omg omg this is awkward” hahahaha xD


Details: And Mary Gold Plated Stag Head Necklace.


Details: Nastygal Showpony Crossbody Bag ( Similar: $$, $ )


Details: Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Leather Watch. ASOS Filigree Ring with Glass Stones ( Similar ). ASOS Double Faux Pearl Ring ( Similar but not for the middle part of the fingers : A, B, C ).


Details: ASOS SOLDIER Heels ( Similar )


I didn’t take a lot of photos coz the dogs didn’t like me hanging around there. Although the lady (owner) ask their dog stop barking and calm down, that made me even embarrassing, so I quickly took detail shot then I left. ><

Thanks again to my awesome followers and readers! I’m a person who quite easy to give up, but your visits have been giving me a lot of motivation to keep blogging, thank you guys a lot. 😛 Hope you guys enjoy your Friday, and have an amazing weekend. Will see you guys on my Monday post, Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with Nightlife effect –


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