TGIF Hawkers Market.


Food night markets are my kind of thing coz it’s the only event that I can try every flavour of the world, so there’s no surprise I often come home broke axx after going to a night market. 😛

I actually know about this market before the day they launch, but for some reason I thought this market is just a one day event but I was wrong. I realized their last market is 12 Sept, so I told myself that I must go check it out. 😛

I went to this market two Fridays straight. On the first visit, my battery died after visiting the dessert stall meaning I couldn’t take more photos afterwards so I had to come back for a second visit. Also I wanna try other stalls out aaaaand also there’s another reason why I have to come back, you’ll know soon. 😛

The market starts at 5.30pm but I arrived at 5pm coz I wanna take photos in a not too crowded situation, since it’s difficult to take photos when its crowded. Also, I would be in the way for other customers and interrupt the business so I chose to be there earlier. There’s already quite a few people walking around and deciding which stall to stop at, and also some people already started enjoying their food. I’m glad that there’s only a few stalls there coz I can be very indecisive when comes to choosing what to have from the menu, especially in a food market coz I wanna try everything but I was alone, if there’s someone I can share with then I can try more different food.

I first walked around to see what they have, and they are pretty much the same stalls from some other markets that I’ve been to. If you’ve been to the Twilight Hawkers Market, Food Truck Rumble or others then you’ll recognise most of the stalls in here.


Shak Shuka – Morocccan Experience ( INSTA ) have the best Shak Shuka. The first time I tried their Shak Shuka Combo was at the other night market, and I immediately fell in love at the first mouthful of it, so of course I got it again when I saw them here. This time I only got the Moroccan Chicken Tajin with Couscous, and I wanted to get the combo, but I had to save some space for other food. 😛


This is the Combo that I had at another market.


And this is the Chicken Tajin I was having at this market. 🙂


The first time I tried a Paella was from a restaurant; it was a disappointment, but everytime I see a picture of paella, it makes me drool so I kept searching for the perfect one. That’s when I met Kamal’s Quarter Catering ( INSTA ) at the other night market; the flavour bursted in my mouth, that unexplainable deliciousness, I feel like I want to eat this in my every meal everyday. :Q I had the Chicken Paella at this market, and my mouth is watering now when I have flash backs while typing this post.


This is the first time I met Ragin Cajun Cater ( FB / INSTATWITTER ). I was trying to check this stall out on the first visit to this market but it was too crowded so I had to go somewhere else. I’m so happy that I came earlier coz no one was there so I can take photos as closer as I want; even if I wanna get burnt lol 😛


I ordered myself Lamb ribs which is served with rice, potato salad and honey mint sauce. See these sexy ribs burning hot here 😛


Just help yourself with these sauce bottles on their counter. They even provided some salt and pepper, and spices too which are just next to theses sauces.


I tried the rice first; I loved it! It reminds me of the rice that my Malay friend’s mother makes in my home town. She seasoned the rice with some secret ingredient. I thought I had to eat these lamb ribs with my hands but they were soooo tender and it just fell off the bone easily and cleanly when I lightly poke it with my fork; I never expect that! These lamb ribs were juicy on the inside and had the chargrilled burn on the outside. It can’t match any other sauce other than mint sauce; with that hint of honey in the sauce just lifts up the double awesomeness of the ribs. I walked back to Ragin Cajun to give them a thumbs up and told them how happy am I with these ribs. 😛


Yup, this is how the ribs look, so tender that it didn’t leave any small pieces of meat.


The first time I tried Cocktail Gastronomy ( FB / INSTA / TWITTER ) was at the Carnival Night Kitchen, they were a pop up bar at the South American inspired food market. They also did a pop up bar at Food Truck Rumble. I was so wanna try their Espresso Martini when I saw the pictures on their Facebook but I couldn’t get any closer when I was there coz it was too crowded, and everyone wants to get a drink from them so I gave up.

I was so excited when I saw them at this market coz I wanna get a drink but they were selling food instead of drinks this time. I’m kinda disappointed but when I saw the menu saying they make American food, this lifted up my mood coz I love American food especially dude food. 😛


This is the Mojito that I had at their pop up bar at Carnival Night Kitchen.


I ordered myself the Texan Beef Brisket, I was excited when I saw it served, and even the people sitting next to me said it looks really yummy. Then my excitement dropped to the bottom. Yes, it does look good, but when I tried the onion rings, I felt like cry for them, it lacked seasoning. The beef… sigh… for me, it’s just a roast beef with BBQ sauce, and the meat was dry. The salad is the only thing that I can finish. It was painful to chuck them to the bin but there’s no point to force myself to finish a dish that I didn’t enjoy, they should have done beverage instead. 😥


Maison Saint-Honoré ( FB / INSTA / TWITTER ) has their own shop at the Fremantle Markets. I’ve never seen them at any other markets before; maybe they were there but I didn’t notice or they weren’t scheduled on the day I went. I can tell my eyes were shining and pupils enlarged. I don’t think any dessert lover wouldn’t feel excited when seeing pretty, colourful, cute desserts like these! :Q


Lucky I’ve already made my mind on which to get before I came here, according to people who’ve tried their desserts at this market, everyone said the Saint Honore is the best. I won’t doubt their recommendation coz salted caramel is seriously delicious! So yup, this baby is coming home with me! Hahaha xD


After my battery died, I left and I took shortcuts to get home quicker coz I just wanna eat that thing NOW! I have good driving skill (that’s what she said, lol!) but I still was worried bout’ this baby so I constantly checked how was it in every corner I turned. Don’t worry, it arrived home with me safely, hehe. 😛

I so don’t wanna eat it but I had to, I kept thinking where should I start. After awhile I decided to slowly scoop from the cream to the bottom of the tart, I should have taken a photo of how the inside looks like. Underneath the salted caramel cream is toffee then the tart. I’m not too into tart cakes (sorry to say that) coz they always gives me that ‘too-buttery’ taste but the taste of the cream and toffee concealed the greasy taste of the tart, I’m happy with that 😛 Then I ate the Vanilla Croc-en-bouche; the cream inside bursted in my mouth, and I just kept nodding my head and mmm-ing. What a good way to start my weekend, haha! xD

So, that’s all for the TGIF Hawkers Market. Hope you guys enjoyed eating with your eyes. If you’re interested to check this night market out, just click the poster below, it’ll direct you to their Facebook page for more information.


Thanks again for checking out this new post and will see you guys on my next post on Friday. Ciao. ;D

– Photos taken by Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter, just cropped –


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