Counting down.


For some countries, Spring is the beginning of a new year, but for Australia and a few other countries, it’s held near the end of the year, which starts from September till December. It’s only the middle of August and I already can feel the Summer heat, “Not happy, Jan!” :’)

I was born and raised in Malaysia, a country of Spring or Summer-feeling all year but mostly Summer. I’ve lived in the heat for 17 years there and never liked it, coz I don’t like sweating. When I flew to Taiwan for studies, I totally fell in love with Autumn and Winter. After migranting to Australia with family, I even hate the Summer here. I wish I have enough money to go to other countries to escape from Summer. :’P

For a big girl like me, the fashion styles of Winter are my favourite, coz I can wear a jacket to cover my upper body, but of course, most of the time looks pretty snug as you can tell after seeing my photos and this post, it’s gonna be even more obvious. xP I’m not good at styling myself in warmer seasons, all I usually wear is jeans/shorts, t-shirt and sneakers, yup, my favourite combo. 😛

Winter in Australia has only about 2 weeks left, so I wanna say “farewell” to this 2 weeks with my last 2 Winter outfit styles for each week. Let’s start from the last 3. 😉


Details: Brave Soul Wool Mix Biker Jacket (Similar but in longer length). MinkPink Striped T-Shirt with Scallop end. (Similar but without scallop end: $$$, $$, $). River Island White Clean Gusset Clutch Bag. ASOS Skater skirt in Lime Yellow (Similar: $$, $). ASOS Tights with over the knee mock socks (Get it on ASOS or BOOHOO).


Details: Limited Edition Stone Necklace (Similar: $$$, $$, $), Sportsgirl Tiger Necklace.


Jeffrey Campbell Everly PL Boots (Similar: $$$, $$, $)

More than half of 2014 is gone, “Time flies when we’re having fun”, I learned that sentence from a manager of a previous job and yup, it’s so true. I know life goes on no matter what, but wish the cold weather can stay. 😛

Thanks again to my awesome followers and readers! Enjoy your Friday and have an amazing weekend, will see you guys on my Monday post, Ciao! xD

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with Nightlife effect –

Photoshoot Location

16 Panama St

Canning Vale WA 6155

 Suitable Time:

Sunday – All Day.


7 thoughts on “Counting down.

  1. You’re stunning and I LOVE you’re outfit!! ❤ also, i'm so jealous that spring is beginning where you live!! in ny fall time will begin soon 😦

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