Seductive Street Scene Saturday Night Cruise.


Sexiness in the air of Saturday night, no chemical effect from alcohol but I’m almost drunk in this car pool *starts playing the song Kendrick Lamar – Swimming Pool(Drank)*, I’m so glad I came here. 😛

When I was a kid, I didn’t like skirts or dresses, neither cute stuff, I don’t play with Barbie dolls nor high tea toys. Girls around me sit still in a pretty dress, I rode a bike and came home with scars all over my knees most of the time, I caught earth worms and put them into a jar and wanted to keep them as a pet but got punish by parents, I watch anime and read Manga while other girls dance ballet or learning to play piano or study hard for exams, so there’s no surprise that all the kids around me called me a Tom Boy in my childhood lol! 😛

I would love to collect all those handsome, cool collectible boy toys like Stormtrooper figures and maybe any character shown in Gundam. 😛 The biggest boy toy I’d love to own is a handsome, sexy, sporty-looking Car. 😛 At this time, I can be indecisive just like any other women when they choosing a ring or clothing. Range Rover Evoque caught my attention while I’m admiring a Mitsubishi Lancer Evo MR, then I looked away coz a VW Scirocco R drove pass, but my heart belongs to the Subaru WRX STi…… oh look! check out that Mercedes Benz A250 Sport lol! 😛 By the way, I’m driving a 2013 Kia Rio SLi, I know it’s nothing but as I said, I’d love to own a handsome, sexy, sporty-looking car so I did (and its affordable lol!). It could be even sexier if I had money to modify it hehe 😛

I went to the Seductive Street Scene Saturday Night Cruise which was held at City West car park on last Saturday night, I found this event from Autolife Perth (@autolifeperth), but at first I didn’t know this fan page until I got an invitation of another car show in the beginning of this year from Epidemik Perth (@epidemik_perth) then I found Autolife Perth and Seductive Street Scene.


Me and JC arrived first before his sister and uncle join the party. I was so pumped just like a little kid when I arrived the location coz this is the first time for me to go to a street style car cruise, but also felt awkward coz my car is way too average than others. x(


JC’s sister’s Nissan Pulsar SSS Turbo on left, my KIA Rio SLi on right. *sigh* [ Photos on top from his sister ]


I ended up only able to took a few photos coz I was too shy and also we heard the siren so we have to vacate before the cops arrived. I drove and followed the cruise at first knowing they probably have a second stop if this situation happen but I had no idea where. I so wanted to follow till the second stop*if they had one* but I noticed that we have passed a few suburbs already and still driving so I stopped follow them. 😦

I’m still feeling unsatisfied that I can’t get enough to enjoy more of the atmosphere, to see more sexy modified car there and of course, to take more sexy photos there. The next event that I really wanna go is Undisputed Fortnightly Cruise (16 Aug) and Subaru Invasion (17 Aug), but I got something up for those date, sigh. 😥

Anyway, like their page if you’d like to join their upcoming events, or follow them on Instagram for hot/spotted cool cars pics in Western Australia. 😛 Thanks again for checking out this new post and will see you guys on my next post on Friday. Ciao. ;D

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with Nightlife effect –


4 thoughts on “Seductive Street Scene Saturday Night Cruise.

    • Hey Auto Life thanks for stop by! I have attended to a couple of the events that I found on your website, I’m glad I found your site! So I’m the one who should thank you haha 😀


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