Welcome to my second post, also the first post for my fashion category, yeaa boii! 😀

I know how to pose for a photoshoot but when it comes to thinking of a title for a post, it’s a pain in the bum for me, and would be so much easier in my mother language. Even though that’s the case, I’ve decided to challenge myself and take this opportunity of blogging to improve my English 😛

I’m very envious of most fashion bloggers I’ve found based on the awesome, beautiful places for their photoshoot, and love the scenes that are shot with a background that also matches their outfit too. I have chosen a place with a  boring background, just like me, I’m actually a boring, lazy person. 😛 But I think the idea of choosing a plain background will make the subject stand out, so I think I did the right choice. 🙂

In Perth, it’s not that hard to find a place to have a photoshoot actually, but the problem is, I don’t have a cameraman so I can only use a tripod. Also, I’m a shy person which means I can only utilise a place where there’s nobody around coz it’s gonna be so awkward for me if anyone sees what I’m doing then they will start thinking “forever alone” memes. Please forgive my self-consciousness, a lot of my friends say that I’m too self-conscious and care about how people think and see me. :’P But this only happens to people that I don’t know well, if hanging out with my gang of old crazy friends, oh boy, you don’t wanna hear the jokes coming out from my mouth and seeing my random moves, hahaha. 😛 Since I don’t have a cameraman, I plan how I would like my photos to look like, as seen in the simple sketch below. 😛 I’ve left the address of the photoshoot location at the end of this post so that anyone who is also shy, going to have a photoshoot alone, and looking for a quiet location in Perth then can check the place out. I will also do the same in all my future post, hope they help. 🙂


Anyway, let’s talk about my fashion style. ;P To be honest, I don’t have my very own style, but if I had to think up one, I would say that I’m a casual, laid back type. Jeans with a Typography/Printed T-Shirt and Sneakers are my favourite. 😛

The day that I was photoshooting for this outfit was also my supervisor’s (who’s also my friend) 22nd birthday. I got invited to his party which was held at the Rugby club that he played at nearby the location of my outfit photoshoot.

My supervisor, Alan, is a mad man with swagger, according to his style and thinks of the kind of people that will attend his birthday party. Of course, I won’t put on anything too fancy to attend the party (unless he said it’s a dressed up party :P). Then I got inspired by the “Swagger” impression that I always had from him so I dressed up like this to his party, Swag, which is also how I got the inspiration for the title of this post. 😛


Cool Mode: ON


Cool-Mode: OFF… lol xD


Details: Unknown brand Candy Cap from birthday present. AJ Morgan Round Venus sunglasses. Gold Arrow Necklace. Ichiban sweatshirt with signature logo (Get it on Ichiban or ASOS). ASOS Shirt In Short Sleeve With Polka Dot Print. Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Skeleton Leather Watch.


Details: Marc by Marc Jacobs Enamel Toggle Bracelet (Similar: $$$, $$, $). Stussy Speech Bubble Clutch. ASOS Tights with over the knee mock socks (Get it on ASOS or BOOHOO).


ASOS Deadline Flatform Trainers.


I was wearing a men’s shirt inside that Ichiban sweatshirt which is also for men too, yup, nothing wrong with that. 😛 I sometimes wear guy’s t-shirts or any manly-looking accessories like men’s Converse/Nike shoes or men’s watches (got 2 men’s Casio watches). I was actually supposed to wear a burgundy skirt but realized the shirt is long enough to became a shirt-dress so I skipped the skirt and wore a black short shorts instead so that it add a little bit of sexiness into the outfit. 😛

If you ask me, why this style? Omg I seriously can’t answer that, the outfit image pops up in my head when I think of Alan’s swagger, then I just go with it. I put this and that together to match according to the image created in my head then that’s it. 😛

So, thanks (to my usual reader/visitor) for catching up with my new post, and hello to the new readers/visitors too. Hope you like what I’ve shown you so far and will see you on my next post soon. 😀

– Photos taken with the Nokia Lumia 1020, filtered via Nokia Creative Studio App with Nightlife effect –

Photoshoot Location:

4 Pitchard St

O’Connor, WA, 6163

Suitable Time:

Sat – after 3:30 PM

Sun – All Day


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