Low Key Chow House.


I am soooo excited to officially publish my first post! 😀 Hope you enjoy reading it and sorry for my grammar :’P

If you ask a Perthian about the suburb of Leederville, they’ll tell you to visit Oxford St 😛 Oxford St is one of my favourite places in Perth, and it’s definitely a must-go place for foodies. You don’t have to worry about finding anything to eat or going for a coffee run. The only thing to worry about is deciding which cafe or restaurant to enter. 😛

I was scrolling my Instagram news feed and saw the food pics from my friend, Jojo, who went to Low Key Chow House for lunch. Next minute, I headed to Urbanspoon to check them out then hit the “Book a Table” button. 😛


The night has come, that night was also a pre-celebration for me and my other half’s 4th anniversary *time flies* ;P Friendly staff greeted us at the door and took us to our seats. I was happy with where we got arranged to sit coz I got the best view to see the whole interior. Too bad I am a little shy to take photos, I’m just concerned about other customers. 😦


We first started with some sweet cocktails, I ordered a Ca Phe Da Martini (Old Port Rum, Vietnamese drip coffee, Vanilla infused salt caramel syrup) and also ordered a Melon Daisy (Hendricks Gin, Yellow chartreuse, Agave, Watermelon) for JC coz I know he only likes sweet alcoholic beverages, so I thought this will be the perfect drink for him and yes, he liked it ;P


First up, Mantou Buns (Candied caramel pork belly in a steam bun). You can see cucumber, red capsicum and parsley in it but that’s not all, there’s also some kind of sauce that tasted like Satay sauce. I’ve never tried pork belly with Satay-like sauce before, but I found that they go super well together! JC wanted to save some space for the next dish so he only had one and I ended up having the rest. I’m the happiest girl in the world hahahahaha! xD


Second up was Bak Hwa Brioche (Own made Asian pork jerky, Pork floss, Wasabi Mayo). It might look big in the photo but it’s almost the size of… erm… make your left or right hand into a fist then use your other hand to wrap over the fist. Yup, that’s the size. 😛 For a big eater like me, this definitely won’t fill me up but I thought it was the perfect size so that I can eat more, hahahaha xD


And next, 3 cuts Yakitori (Tasting plate 2 thigh, 1 crispy skin, 1 gizzard). I knew these were skewers of some parts from a chicken, but I didn’t know its gizzard. JC thought its lamb or beef coz the taste of tenderness, lol 😛


Last two, Citrus Cure (Sashimi grade fish, Grapefruit, Fresh herb chiffonade). I should have ordered this first, it would have been an awesome starter coz the nice fresh punch of the sourness that boosts up my appetite, and guess what? JC doesn’t like sashimi so they were all mine!! I’m the happiest girl in the whole universe now, hahahaha!! xD


The Citrus Cure was supposed to be the last dish but I saw a waitress come out from the kitchen with a plate of shot glasses for another table, and I’m always interested in any edible thing presented in a shot glass so of course I ordered it while a waitress was clearing our table 😛

So this shot glass thingy is actually just a lime Tom Yum shooter with Shitake and Prawn.


After all that awesome bites, time to head to our another plan. This is how they present us with the bill, its kinda creative and cute 😛 I wish we could stay longer and have dessert but the car park only provides 1 hour free parking so we had to leave before I got another “bill”, lol! :’P

I’m glad that I saw my friend’s photos then found this place, and also very happy with their food. Gonna bring my friend there and can’t wait for that already ;P People! Please, please, PLEEAASE try what I’ve just ate here, I know everyone has different taste butt but if you love Asian food, all these dishes won’t let you down! Especially that pork belly in steam buns! *drooling* :Q

You can make your reservation on Urbanspoon or their website, don’t forget to follow their Facebook and Instagram for the latest news ;P

– Photos taken by Nokia Lumia 1020, no filter, no edit –

Low Key Chow House

140 Oxford Street, Leederville
Perth, Western Australia
WED – THU 18:00 – 10:00
FRIDAY – SUN 11:30 – 22:00



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